In the run-up to Mother's Day, it has always been a matter of hard work for flower shops, but due to the lockdown, this year is very busy for the bouquet sellers.

Florists expect up to 50 percent extra turnover compared to a normal week, while online flower delivery company Fleurop expects to sell even five to six times as much.

The prices are also higher than in other years, notes the Royal FloraHolland auction.

Because meeting each other is more difficult these days, people are increasingly buying flowers during the lockdown, to cheer up parents, friends or other acquaintances, for example.

With Mother's Day there will be a big extra boost, florists association VBW expects.

"Of course it differs per store, but on average sales are 35 to 50 percent higher than in a normal week," says commercial manager Bram Rijkers of VBW.

In any case, people buy more flowers in these corona times.

Not only for others, but also to brighten up your own home.

In addition, according to Rijkers, flowers are still the most popular gift for Mother's Day.

"In these days we really use everyone in our customer service."

Jeroen de Zwart, director of Fleurop

At online delivery service Fleurop it is even busier, director Jeroen de Zwart expects.

“The weekend before Mother's Day, about 50 percent extra orders are already coming in. During the week that increases further, with it even being five to six times as busy as normal on Friday or Saturday. our customer service really takes everyone in. "

Throughout the year, De Zwart has noticed that the bouquets are flying over the digital counter.

"That's really because people want to support each other."

Nevertheless, he expects it to be less this year than around Mother's Day last year.

"At that time the nursing homes were closed and visiting parents or grandparents was even more difficult than this year. Then we turned over revenues that we may never achieve again."

Prices of flowers are higher than last year

These are good times not only for the retail trade: flower auction Royal FloraHolland cannot be happier either.

In the two weeks before Mother's Day, the company traded 5 percent more flowers and plants than around Mother's Day last year, while prices were also considerably higher.

The price of cut flowers in particular rose sharply.

In recent years, Mother's Day has been rivaled by Valentine's Day when it comes to what the most important 'flower shopping day' is.

But partly due to the lockdown, Mother's Day bouquet was firmly at number one again last year, De Zwart saw.

"And this year will be no different."