The high cost of "Covid-19" tests is negatively affecting the recovery of the travel sector

IATA: The average minimum test cost is $ 90.


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has called on governments to work to prevent the high costs of COVID-19 tests from negatively affecting the ability of individuals and families to travel.

The Federation indicated that supporting the resumption of international travel requires the provision of "Covid-19" examinations at reasonable costs and proven effectiveness, and that they be available in a timely and widespread manner.

And the International Air Transport Association conducted a study that included the costs of the PCR examination (which is the examination required by most governments around the world) in 16 countries, which gave different results according to different markets and within individual markets alike. Of all the studied markets, only the French market complied with WHO recommendations that governments should bear the costs of travelers checks. In the other 15 markets that impose PCR testing costs on travelers, the average minimum test cost is $ 90. The average maximum test cost was $ 208.

The addition of a PCR scan to average airline ticket prices will lead to a sharp increase in travel costs for individuals, even when added to the average minimum. Before the Covid-19 crisis, the average price for one-way tickets was 200 dollars (according to 2019 data), including all taxes and fees. Thus, an increase of $ 90 for a PCR test would increase the cost by 45% to $ 290. And add the cost of an additional check-in on arrival, the one-way ticket could jump 90% to $ 380.

Assuming that two checks are required during both the round trip, the average price of a round-trip ticket per person can reach between 400 and 760 dollars.

Besides, the costs of "Covid-19" tests will affect more severely the family travel scene.

Based on average ticket prices ($ 200) and the average minimum for a PCR examination ($ 90), which must be conducted twice in both directions, the cost of a trip for four people will nearly double from $ 1,600 before the Covid-19 crisis to $ 3,040 now, including $ 1440 for the tests.

In addition, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) revealed the latest air cargo data in global markets for the month of March 2021, which showed an increase in demand levels by 4.4%, to continue to achieve better performance compared to the period prior to the "Covid-19" crisis (March 2019).

Demand rates in March reached their highest level ever since registration began in 1990. Demand increased on a monthly basis, but at a relatively slower rate than the previous month, and freight volumes increased by 0.4% in March compared to February 2021.

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