China News Service, May 7th. According to the website of the National Development and Reform Commission, on April 30, 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission led the preparation of the "National Fixed Asset Investment Project Code Coding Specification", which was managed by the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration and the National Standardization Administration. The committee announced that it was officially announced as a national standard (GB/T 40058-2021).

  The fixed asset investment project code has a total of 24 digits, which is the unique identification for the entire construction period of the project, which is equivalent to the legal "ID card" of the project, which clarifies basic information such as the project area, industry, and project type.

According to the "Government Investment Regulations" and "Enterprise Investment Project Approval and Filing Management Regulations", the project unit must apply for the project code through the corresponding investment project online approval and supervision platform before going through the first project approval procedures, and one will be automatically generated after approval Two-dimensional code, relevant departments and project units can use the two-dimensional code to query the project name, project status and other information, which provides technical support for realizing the project unit’s efficient promotion of project construction and the precise coordinated supervision and management of the department.

In September 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and the 17 departments of the State Council issued the "Code Management Regulations for Fixed Assets Investment Projects" to unify coding requirements.

  As of April 29, 2021, the national investment project online approval and supervision platform has vertically and horizontally connected 62 State Council departments and central provinces, cities and counties, and has assigned a total of 5.17 million fixed asset investment projects of various types, sharing natural resources and ecological environment. , Transportation, water conservancy, etc., more than 5 million pieces of approval information.

  The National Standard for Code Coding for National Fixed Asset Investment Projects issued this time uniformly standardizes the project code structure, application, project maintenance and implementation, as well as the procedures and requirements for the preparation of PPP project management codes, and further consolidates the preparation of project codes with standardization. Practice is conducive to promoting the wide application of "one project, one code", promoting the comprehensive sharing of investment approval data, and further improving the level of scientific, standardized and institutionalized investment management.

  In the next step, the National Development and Reform Commission will work with relevant departments to promote the promotion of the national standard, promote the full application of the project code in various places, industries, and fields, so as to use the project code to achieve the accuracy of the investment project's entire construction cycle. Services, precise scheduling and precise supervision provide strong support to help high-quality investment development.