(The first Consumer Expo) KPMG: Holding the Consumer Expo is of great significance to promote the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port

  China News Service, Haikou, May 7 (Chen Jing) From the "Canton Fair" to the "CIIE", from the "Service Trade Fair" to the "Consumer Expo", the "window effect" and "spillover effect" of China's national-level exhibitions have become more and more important. Come stronger.

  KPMG Asia-Pacific and China Chairman Tao Kuangchun said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency during the first China International Consumer Goods Expo that holding the “Consumer Expo” is about building a “International Tourism Consumption Center” in Hainan, China, and creating a global display of international consumer products. Trading platform.

The "Consumer Expo" is the continuation and development of the "Boao effect", and it is also a manifestation of the steady increase in the economic effect of exhibitions.

The picture shows the aerial photography of Hainan Ecological Software Park.

Photo by Luo Yunfei

  Tao Kuangchun believes that the holding of the "Consumer Expo" and the promotion of the Hainan Free Trade Port are inseparable and mutually promote.

At present, Hainan Free Trade Port has implemented 59 countries visa-free entry, outlying island tax exemption, import tax exemption list and other policies, and many world-renowned brands and tax-free operating companies have gathered in the free trade port.

The “Consumer Fair” can realize direct transactions between global buyers and sellers, introduce foreign high-quality consumer products, and make up for the lack of domestic high-end supply. It is a carrier for smoothing the domestic cycle; connecting the two markets to promote the smooth flow of goods, services and factors is also Promote the carrier of domestic and international double circulation.

  In 2019, China's per capita GDP exceeded 10,000 U.S. dollars, and it has entered an important stage of consumption upgrade.

Today, Hainan is not only a tourist resort, but also a destination for consumers and shopping.

  According to statistics from China’s Haikou Customs, in the first quarter of this year, the customs supervised the outlying island’s duty-free shopping amount of 13.57 billion yuan, 17.75 million items, and 1.786 million shopping visitors, up 355.7%, 327.7% and 176.8% year-on-year respectively.

"Buy, buy, buy" has become an important consideration for more and more people to travel to Hainan.

  The first "Consumer Expo" established a new platform for high-quality and affordable consumer products to enter China.

According to statistics from the Organizing Committee of the "Consumer Expo", more than 10,000 buyers are expected to gather in Hainan from all over the world.

  Tao Kuangchun said that with the global epidemic still spreading, China held the "Consumer Expo" as scheduled, releasing to the world major strategic results in epidemic prevention and control, and positive signs of sustained economic stability and improvement, injecting positive into the haze world. energy.

  Tao Kuangchun believes that many foreign-funded enterprises and foreign brands participated in the first "Consumer Expo" this time. This once again proves China's firm determination to promote high-level opening up to the outside world. It also shows that foreign-funded enterprises are optimistic about the Chinese market and have full confidence in China's economic development. .

  Tao Kuangchun emphasized that China, as the world's most potential consumer market, insists on opening up to the outside world. The establishment of exhibitions such as the "Consumer Fair" can integrate the preferential policies of Hainan Free Trade Port and make it a platform for international exchanges and cooperation and a window for opening up. , Give full play to the comprehensive effects of large-scale exhibitions, promote high-level opening to the outside world, smooth the domestic cycle, promote domestic and international double cycles, and build a new development pattern. At the same time, it also provides more opportunities for cooperation between countries.