[Focus on Consumer Fair] In addition to "buy, buy, buy", what are the highlights of the Consumer Fair?

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  The first China International Consumer Goods Fair opened in Haikou on the evening of May 6.

Thousands of exhibitors and more than 2,000 domestic and foreign brands will showcase their products.

These companies are all prepared, and the products displayed on the booth "spoiler" their understanding of the Chinese consumer market and the consumption upgrade trend of high-quality, personalized, and service-oriented.

  Today, the first China International Consumer Goods Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Consumer Fair) opened in Haikou.

The number of purchasers and professional visitors of all kinds has exceeded 30,000, and it is estimated that the number of visitors of all kinds will exceed 200,000.

  During the exhibition, international brands will hold 81 debut events, and 10 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities will hold local boutique launch events.

In addition to buying domestic boutiques and duty-free foreign exhibits in the exhibition hall, spectators participating in the Consumer Fair from outside the island can also purchase products worth 100,000 yuan in duty-free shops in Haikou and Sanya outlying islands.

  Exhibiting brands are excellent, and the superposition policy is favorable. Several batches of tickets opened to the public for the Consumer Fair were sold out shortly after the opening.

  Global Focus on Consumer Fairs, apart from the lively "buy, buy and buy" scenes, what else is there to watch?

The "Worker Daily" reporter sorted out several foreshadowings and interpreted them to help the audience understand the play better.

  Foreign brands account for the majority, reflecting the potential of the Chinese market

  According to the data provided by the Hainan International Economic Development Bureau today, the International Exhibition Area of ​​the Consumer Fair has 60,000 square meters, with 648 exhibiting companies and 1,365 exhibiting brands from 69 countries and regions.

The domestic exhibition area is 20,000 square meters, with 857 exhibiting companies and 1,263 exhibiting brands.

  "From the perspective of the exhibition structure of the Consumer Fair, foreign brands account for the majority." Deputy Minister of Commerce Wang Bingnan said, this once again proves the firm determination of the Chinese government to promote high-level opening up, and also fully demonstrates that foreign-funded enterprises are optimistic about the Chinese market and are bullish on China. Quotes, full of confidence in China's economic development.

  The foreign-funded enterprises that came to the exhibition also confirmed this point.

"The Chinese market is an important'development + innovation' dual engine for Johnson & Johnson's global business." said Wang Yi, President of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products China. "We are delighted to see that Hainan Province is driven by innovation and continues to cultivate the'experimental field' and be a pioneer. 'The new development opportunities brought about, we also look forward to making full use of our professional advantages, and better relying on the support of various policies in Hainan Province to better serve consumers with more innovative and high-quality healthy consumer products."

  Kentaro Fujiwara, President of Shiseido China, also said that Shiseido had previously participated in the China International Import Expo held in Shanghai in 2019 and 2020 and fully felt the huge potential of the Chinese cosmetics market.

Under the global epidemic this year, the Chinese government's normalized epidemic prevention and control is in an orderly manner, and the stable social environment also gives companies confidence in continuing to develop their businesses in China.

I hope to continue to use a high-quality and open government platform such as the Consumer Expo to keep up with the pace of China's economic development and continue to take root in the Chinese market.

  At the Consumer Fair, more than 2,000 domestic and foreign brands will "show their talents."

Wang Bingnan believes that the Consumer Expo will provide more opportunities for cooperation between countries and contribute China's strength to the recovery and growth of the world economy.

  Well-prepared exhibitors "spoiler" consumption upgrade trends

  "Under the background of the global epidemic, we intuitively feel that Chinese consumers have a deeper and deeper understanding of the concept of preventive health, and they are paying more and more attention to the raw materials, craftsmanship, quality, and reputation of products." Swiss brand Kingnature Cui Ruibao China Regional Director Manager Wang Yichuan said that the company will release a variety of rehabilitation programs in professional fields, such as the Yiyoustar rehabilitation program and the intestinal flora adjustment program at the Consumer Expo.

  As the exclusive importer with the most complete selection of Greek wines in the Greater China region, Hope City participated in the Consumer Fair on behalf of 30+ wineries from many regions in Greece.

The company sees new trends in the Chinese alcohol consumption market: consumers are more and more willing to choose high-quality wines from niche wine producing areas, and wine lovers hope to have more new changes and try unique products.

  With the gradual deepening of scientific and refined parenting concepts, domestic consumers have more abundant demands for the efficacy of infant formula milk powder.

Wyeth will present the company's most advanced and richest maternal and infant nutrition solutions at the Consumer Fair.

  Thousands of exhibitors have come prepared.

The products they displayed on the booth with a limited space “spoiled” their understanding of the Chinese consumer market and the trend toward high-quality, personalized, and service-oriented consumption upgrades.

  At the Consumer Fair, Swiss Watch Group, L'Oreal of France, Shiseido of Japan, Johnson & Johnson of the United States, Faberge Jewelry of the United Kingdom, etc. will release hundreds of new products, covering dozens of items such as apparel and luggage, beauty products, food, wine, and jewelry. Category.

Yunnan Province will hold a promotion meeting for time-honored consumer products, Fujian Province will hold a promotion meeting for Fujian products, and Shanghai will hold a new product pop-up event "Meet Shanghai"...

  Wang Bingnan believes that as a public service platform, the Consumer Expo can amplify the effect of consumption promotion, effectively disseminate consumption information, update consumption concepts, lead consumption trends, stimulate consumption demand, and further improve consumption levels.

At the same time, the Consumer Expo has narrowed the distance between domestic and foreign markets, promoted mutual learning, exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign counterparts, not only effectively promoting the upgrading of traditional consumption, accelerating the cultivation of new types of consumption, but also further leading the upstream supply-side structural reforms, prompting The industry adapts to the needs of the consumer market and achieves higher-quality development.

  More good shows will be performed from the meeting to the outside

  The exhibition industry not only promotes the connection between supply and demand, but also promotes the development of catering, accommodation, transportation, tourism and other related industries, resulting in huge direct and indirect economic benefits.

Research by relevant institutions shows that the comprehensive stimulus coefficient of the exhibition industry on economic growth is 1:9 on average.

  Wang Bingnan said that as a national-level exhibition, the Consumer Fair will produce consumption spillover benefits and multiplier effects, effectively driving and expanding consumer demand in related industries.

  The spillover effect of the Consumer Expo needs further statistics, but it can be seen from the strong exhibition atmosphere in the streets and alleys of Haikou city to the hard-to-find hotel.

  With the help of the platform of the Consumer Fair, more good shows will be foreshadowed at the conference and will continue to be staged outside the conference.

  Xue Yingjie, assistant to the president of Greenland Group and general manager of Greenland Trading Port Group, said that the Consumer Fair will be used as an opportunity to connect with domestic buyers from Chongqing, Shenzhen, Changchun, Chengdu, and Zhengzhou and hold a centralized signing ceremony. It is expected that the first batch of purchase orders will be Reach the scale of 5,000 tons.

In addition, the group will also participate in supply and demand matchmaking activities organized by the governments of Hainan, Shandong, Zhejiang and other places to further expand downstream channels for overseas brands.

  For this participation in the Consumer Expo, Kingnature hopes to actively respond to the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, and plans to cooperate with the well-known Swiss hospital Wise Medicine to build a comprehensive chain hospital in Hainan to provide consumers with high-end and professional medical services.

  More importantly, the executive vice governor of Hainan Province, Shen Danyang, said earlier that he plans to build a global consumer goods center project in Haikou, highlighting the characteristics of "high-tech, new, excellent, and special".

This project is to make global consumer products, including foreign and Chinese consumer products, to be displayed and traded in Hainan all the year round.

"We hope that after this project is completed, it will complement the Consumer Fair and become a consumer fair that will never end."

  The Consumer Expo is an important measure to implement the "Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port".

"Holding the Consumer Expo, with the help of the free trade port's policy advantages, ecological environment advantages, business environment advantages and unique location advantages, will effectively gather various production factors, attract related industrial chains to Hainan, promote the transformation and upgrading of Hainan's industry, and effectively drive The development of Hainan's modern service industry has added impetus to the high-quality and high-standard construction of Hainan Free Trade Port." said Zhu Xiaoliang, Director of the Department of Consumption Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce.

  (This paper, Haikou, May 6th)