(The first Consumer Expo) Digital RMB appears at the Consumer Expo and the foreign currency can be exchanged for consumption in the museum

  China News Service Haikou, May 7 (Reporter Xia Bin) A China News Service reporter learned at the first Consumer Expo on the 7th that Bank of China Hainan Branch has created a digital RMB experience activity area in the exhibition hall. Guests and guests Visitors can experience multiple usage scenarios of digital renminbi, and multiple foreign currencies can also be exchanged for digital renminbi wallets, and use digital renminbi for consumption in the exhibition hall.

On May 7, the first China International Consumer Goods Fair was officially launched in Haikou City, Hainan Province.

The on-site coffee machine that can be used for digital renminbi payment attracts the attention of visitors.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  Hainan will become the second batch of digital renminbi pilot areas in China at the end of 2020.

At the booth of the Bank of China Hainan Branch in this year's Consumer Expo, participants can experience various soft and hard wallet products, and use gashapon machines, coffee machines, vending machines and other convenient entertainment facilities, as well as exchanges. The currency exchange machine of digital renminbi can experience the multi-scenario ecosystem covering the Winter Olympics, cross-border, smart people's livelihood and other fields.

  It is worth noting that cross-border finance and Winter Olympics services are the outstanding advantages of Bank of China in the digital renminbi application scenario. Its Winter Olympics digital renminbi wallet will provide services to the participants in this consumer expo. The visual chip wallet can display the consumption amount and wallet balance, as well as the features of anonymous and small amount, which is convenient for the elderly, children and foreign tourists to use.

It is reported that in the Winter Olympics scene, this is a type of wallet mainly promoted to foreign tourists.

  According to the relevant person in charge of Bank of China, the use of RMB or 17 foreign currencies including US dollars and British pounds can be exchanged for the above-mentioned Winter Olympics digital RMB wallet on the equipment on the exhibition area, and this digital RMB wallet can be used at the Consumer Expo. The Hailv Duty Free Shop in Hall 5 (dual offline payment scenario), the catering services of Hilton and Shangri-La Hotel in Hall 6 realize digital RMB payment.