The central bank of the United Kingdom has indicated that the economy hit by the new coronavirus will recover to the level before the spread of the infection during this time, and the pace of purchase of government bonds etc. that continues to support the economy Clarified a policy to make it somewhat looser.

As a result of the regular meeting held until the day before, the central bank of the United Kingdom and the Bank of England have left the policy interest rate at the record low of 0.1%, and then bought government bonds to supply a large amount of money to the market. The company announced that it will maintain the scale of the mitigation measures at £ 895 billion, or about JPY 135 trillion in Japanese yen.

On top of that, he announced that he would slow down the pace of purchases based on quantitative easing measures from this month onward.

This is because the UK economy, which was hit hard by the new coronavirus, is expected to recover quickly, and the Bank of England has raised its GDP = gross domestic product growth rate forecast to 7.25%. During this time, it will return to the level before the spread of the infection.

The Bank of England has emphasized that slowing the pace of purchases is not a change in monetary policy stance.

On the other hand, in the UK, two-thirds of adults have completed at least one vaccination, and economic activity is gradually resuming, and if the situation continues to improve, large-scale monetary easing measures will be reduced. The time is likely to be the focus.