Employers and employees are increasingly making agreements about working from home.

This is done on the shop floor, for example via the works council, but more and more the agreements are also recorded in the collective labor agreement.

For all collective labor agreements that come into effect or have already taken effect this year, the percentage has risen to 31 percent.

This is what the AWVN employers' association investigated at the request of NU.nl.

"Working from home is clearly at the top of the lists in collective bargaining, among both employers and employees," says AWVN spokesperson Jannes van der Velde.

He speaks of an 'accelerated evolution' of working from home as a result of the corona crisis.

"Not a revolution, because the phenomenon in itself is not new."

Last year, only 8 percent of the collective labor agreements (CLAs) included anything about working from home.

What is included in the collective labor agreements about working from home differs from case to case.

But the home work allowance is certainly often part of that.

"In addition, most parties participate in the Nibud calculation that working from home costs about 2 euros per day."

A stumbling block to implement this more widely, according to the AWVN, is the tax deductibility of such a fee.

"The situation in which the commuting allowance is still eligible, even if the travel costs are not incurred, has now been extended again to July 1. But that will end one day and then we would like to see something else in its place."

Everyone now knows Zoom and Teams

In the past, attempts were often made to encourage working from home to tackle the congestion problem, for example.

But often it was only good intentions.

"Now employers and employers have been forced to find that it really works."

Working from home has been established for much longer in some professions, such as financial services.

"Developing a report, for example, has long been seen as something that could also be done easily from home. Now we have discovered that you can also collaborate digitally," says the AWVN spokesperson. “Who knew Zoom and Teams more than a year ago?” He says rhetorically.