China News Service Xining, May 6th (Sun Rui) A reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau on the 6th that in order to solve the difficulties encountered by the floating population outside the province due to the long time limit for obtaining residence permits and other factors, they may miss the insurance and enjoy the benefits. Qinghai Province has officially opened a window period for re-application of insurance payment fees, so that the insured people can have a "resting pill".

  Li Shun, the full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Qinghai Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, introduced that many residents who have worked outside the province for a long time did not return to their hometown during the Spring Festival in response to the national epidemic prevention and control "stay in the local Chinese New Year" initiative. Some floating populations were due to residence permits. Due to the long processing time and other reasons, I missed the Qinghai Provincial Residents’ Medicare Centralized Enrollment Period, and I have a need to enroll, so I called many times to report the problem.

  In order to solve the difficulties encountered by the above-mentioned personnel in participating in insurance and enjoying benefits, the Qinghai Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau coordinated with taxation and other departments to make detailed statistics on the number of people with such problems and study specific solutions. It was decided from May 1 to May 31. Establish a window period for re-application of insurance payment, open re-application of payment channels for urban and rural residents, financial subsidies, rights and interests records, etc., and insured persons enjoy medical insurance benefits from the date of payment.

  "Thank you very much for solving the problem that we did not participate in the insurance in time. Next year we will definitely pay the medical insurance premiums on time." Mr. Ma, who has been working in ramen noodles in Guangdong for a long time, learned that he can reapply for resident medical insurance. Call the medical insurance department to express thanks.

  Li Shun said that the establishment of the supplementary payment window period is a concrete manifestation of solving the most concerned, most direct, and most realistic interest issues of the masses, and further enhances the satisfaction and sense of gain of the insured masses.

In addition, the medical security handling and service centers in various cities and prefectures of Qinghai Province have also been successfully established. This is an important factor for the province to improve the basic medical insurance system and critical illness insurance system for urban and rural residents, establish and improve a multi-level medical security system covering the entire urban and rural areas, and improve the level of medical security. The reform measures marked the opening of a new chapter in the construction of the medical security handling service system in Qinghai Province.