Activate the new potential of digital transformation (on-site comments · a good start for the "14th Five-Year Plan" ⑤)

  Based on the current and long-term perspective, deepen the reform of important areas and key links, and accelerate the achievement of more substantive, breakthrough and systemic results, in order to expand new growth points and achieve greater achievements in the construction of a new development pattern of services

  "A crane weighing a hundred tons easily landed on the'cloud'." Not long ago, the author interviewed an equipment company in Zhejiang, and the cloud platform independently developed by the company was particularly eye-catching.

On the large electronic screen, a world map is dotted with dots. Each "starlight" represents a crane, which flashes every few seconds, which means that the number of construction equipment, alarm classification and other data are updated once.

Mass data gathered in the cloud has become a surging kinetic energy driving the development of enterprises.

  This is a microcosm of Zhejiang's digital development.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" started, bringing more opportunities to enterprises.

Peng Jiwen, who is in charge of research and development of the company, said that a crane in Liaoning failed not long ago. He was in Huzhou. Through cloud platform analysis, he quickly found the cause.

In the past, people had to be sent to the site when encountering such problems, which was time-consuming and laborious; now, cloud processing has greatly improved efficiency.

Practice has proved that the development of digital industries and the promotion of digital transformation will make high-quality development more vigorous and accumulate new competitive advantages.

  During his inspection in Zhejiang, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: “We must seize the opportunities given by industrial digitization and digital industrialization” and “we must lay out strategic emerging industries and future industries such as digital economy, life and health, and new materials”.

Zhejiang held a digital reform conference to deploy related work.

The broad masses of cadres and the masses have reached a consensus: to require new momentum for digitalization and new vitality for deepening reforms, time does not wait, every second must be determined.

The consciousness of empowering high-quality development with digitization is fully reflected in the development scenarios of each enterprise.

  The ongoing digital transformation is an iterative deepening of Zhejiang’s “run at most once” reform and the government’s digital transformation. Many areas are still “no man’s land” and a new path is needed.

Zhejiang has both exploratory experience and sense of responsibility in this regard. It has already played the "first move" and strives to be a "vanguard."

To this end, Zhejiang has formulated a timetable of “achievements in one year, major changes in two years, and new leap in five years”.

The tasks of reform and development have been clarified, and there is plenty of room for cadres to exercise their skills. They need to do all the work in detail on the basis of seeking progress while maintaining stability, grasp key points, and achieve results and win actual results.

  Digital transformation is a complex system project, which requires not only top-level design but also a good atmosphere.

Riding on the east wind of digital development, many companies are planning the next step into overseas markets.

A person in charge of an enterprise said: “Of course the competition is fierce, but we are ready to'fight a tough battle'.” Government departments need to work hard on software and hardware, vigorously develop high-end talents, provide “shop second-class” services, Establish a complete digital infrastructure platform, accelerate the construction of supporting data security laws and regulations, and provide guarantees in terms of talents, technology, policies, and safety, so as to protect enterprises from participating in market competition and create opportunities for regional high-quality development.

Based on the current and long-term perspective, deepen the reform of important areas and key links, and accelerate the achievement of more substantive, breakthrough, and systematic results, in order to expand new growth points and achieve greater achievements in building a new development pattern in services.

  The "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 long-term goal outline put forward: "Meet the digital age and activate the potential of data elements."

Turn the planning blueprint into a development reality, use digital transformation to drive changes in production methods, lifestyles and governance methods, and create a good digital ecology. All parts of the country, including Zhejiang, will surely use new momentum to promote new development and create new brilliance with new development.

  (The author is a reporter from the Zhejiang Branch of this newspaper)