Open the official product pool for over 100 million commodities

There is a new way to play live streaming

  Visiting the live broadcast room to buy favorite products has become a new shopping habit for many people.

In the context of the epidemic, the live-streaming delivery model has been advancing by leaps and bounds, and many highlights have always rushed into the hot search: CCTV host Zhu Guangquan and Taobao anchor Li Jiaqi formed the "Little Zhu Peiqi", which became a phenomenon-level "carrying group"; People's Daily said A new record of bringing goods for Hubei with a single game of 226 million yuan.

  However, this emerging shopping model has also brought a lot of negative information: it is difficult to control the quality of the anchors' selection of products, and consumers "back the pot" when there are problems with the product; the live broadcast room charges high "pit fees", but the volume of goods is not as expected. , Has spawned a series of "behind the scenes operations" such as brushing traffic and high return rate, but the loss is borne by the merchants.

  In the sixth year of the format of live streaming, the live streaming of shops and shops, the e-commerce platform is responsible for product selection, and new gameplay methods such as "return money if you can't sell it" have entered people's attention.

Anchor becomes a new profession

In 2020, the turnover of 1,000 live broadcast rooms will exceed 100 million yuan

  Recently, Taobao held a live broadcast ceremony with 2,000 people.

Head star anchors such as Lin Yilun, Ji Jie, Wei Ya, and Li Jiaqi, as well as key players such as cutting-edge anchors, institutions and businesses, were all present.

At this conference, Alibaba Vice President Xuande announced the "Four Plans": 2,000 live broadcast rooms over 100 million, 200 ecological partners over 100 million, 1 million professional anchors with income, and 1,000 to achieve 500 % Growth of new brands.

  Since entering the 4G era, people have fast enough internet speed to watch videos, and short video platforms and live broadcasts have become popular.

Among the massive short videos, the live broadcast room stands out. It not only displays the effects of the product, but also interacts with the audience, bringing a brand new shopping experience.

Even many times, people choose a product not because of demand or how good it is, but simply because of their love and support for the anchor.

  The Taobao live broadcast, which was born in 2015, has continuously created topics under the leadership of several top anchors, and entered the peak of development in 2019 under the special background of the epidemic.

In 2020, nearly 1,000 live broadcast rooms with a turnover of 100 million yuan were born on Taobao, 90% of the new brands started broadcasting in the live broadcast rooms, and the sales of these new brands increased by 329%.

  The anchor has also become a profession.

In 2020, the anchor will not only have an official professional name "Internet Marketing Engineer", but can even apply for talent certification from the governments of Shanghai and Hangzhou.

In the villages and towns that were once the furthest away from the sales link, the "Taobao Village Broadcasting Program" launched in 2019 alone is cultivating 1,000 anchor farmers with monthly incomes of over 10,000 in 100 counties.

Up to now, 110,000 farmers in more than 2,000 counties have started broadcasting and sold 15 billion yuan of agricultural products to all parts of the country.

And around an anchor, at least five related personnel can be employed, including logistics, warehousing, product selection, live broadcast services, etc.

Store live streaming

Traditional industries have also moved into the live broadcast room

  "There is a baby who wants to see Color No. 1, now let Assistant No. 2 try it for you." In the live broadcast room of a flagship store of beauty products, the anchor took several assistants to try the color of the new lipstick in turn, satisfying The needs of the audience.

The assistants' different makeup and clothes better show the people who are suitable for different colors.

Nowadays, while many merchants set up official flagship stores on e-commerce platforms, the live broadcast rooms are basically open throughout the year.

Professional anchors are like sales in offline stores, displaying products at any time according to consumers' needs. In order to increase popularity, they will also issue red envelopes or high-value coupons from time to time to attract consumers to interact and better facilitate transactions.

  And those brands and businesses that once opened their stores offline, regard their live broadcast rooms as a non-closing store.

Now, the shopping guide in the store can also be closed.

Shops cut the live broadcast into fragments, which became the selling point of the product. Some merchants also "earlier" the AI ​​virtual anchor launched by the platform, turning the anchor into a 24-hour service.

  The e-commerce platform also connects the live room with each page.

Now, when consumers search for a product or store, as long as the store is live, the live broadcast window will appear in the search results. At the same time, the live broadcast window will also appear on content-related public websites including homepage subscription and shopping. In the field.

  The platform's support for store broadcast traffic is also the motivation for brands to continue to invest in their own live broadcast rooms.

For example, the domestic skin care brand Youshiyan has invested heavily in building a live broadcast room, inviting skin experts and presidents to participate in the live broadcast, and is considering launching functions such as skin testing.

The L'Oréal Group, which values ​​live broadcasts, directly declared on its official website that “live broadcasts are the mainstream sales growth method”. Many of its beauty brands’ live broadcast rooms have also launched a virtual makeup trial function.

  The industry involved in the live broadcast room has become more and more extensive.

In addition to women's clothing, beauty, food, and other industries, traditional industries that were not considered suitable for moving to the Internet in the past have been moved into the live broadcast room, or service industries that relied more on offline stores in the past, such as home furnishing and medical beauty.

It was originally a heavy offline business, because for consumers, these two types of consumer behavior require a longer decision-making time.

Therefore, in the live broadcast room, it is not a one-off business, but a transaction facilitated by consumers' repeated interaction with the anchor.

In the home furnishing industry, the anchor can help judge the style, size and collocation. The 3D model room in the live broadcast room can also provide consumers with better references. The medical beauty industry also needs to conduct AI consultation, anchor recommendation, offline verification, etc. A series of links are stringed into the live broadcast room.

  When traditional industries such as real estate and second-hand luxury goods are moved into the live broadcast room, it is not only necessary to solve technical problems, but also to solve the problem of trust-the jewelry and jade industry prospered by live broadcast has now reached an astonishing nearly 40% penetration rate. Because the platform can serve as a third-party role to ensure the professionalism and trust of both parties' transactions.

Directly hit the pain points of "traffic fraud"

"Pit fee" will be linked to sales

  "Refund if you can't sell the goods."

Such a promise in the live broadcast room can be described as a "great reform" for businesses.

As we all know, if you want to enter the live broadcast room of the celebrity, the merchants often need to pay the expensive "pit fee". This is also the gathering place for the negative news sources of the live broadcast in the past year: the operation team of some live broadcast rooms wants the data to look good. , Charging a higher "pit fee" will create high sales data by brushing traffic, and a large number of returns after the live broadcast has caused the loss of the merchant.

  In order to solve this "pain point", Taobao Live, Douyin, Kuaishou and other platforms are establishing and improving new rules, providing growth mechanisms, and establishing reward and punishment systems.

For example, Douyin and Kuaishou introduced MCN agencies, anchors, and merchants to their platforms through traffic support and prohibition of third-party links and commissions from external chains, and provided a set of commercialized tools to allow short videos or The live broadcast room was seen by more people, thus facilitating transactions.

  Taobao Live will take the lead in changing the charging model of "pit fee": "pit fee" will no longer be charged "one size fits all", but will adopt a charging method that can be directly linked to sales and settled in proportion.

This measure allows merchants to pay the anchor "pit fee" proportionally based on the sales volume of the final confirmed receipt, which will bring more protection to merchants and will also allow the problem of traffic fraud and other issues to be fundamentally solved.

  Product selection has always been a key link in live delivery. The rollover incident of the well-known anchor Simba in 2020 stems from the quality of a bird's nest product being questioned.

In fact, not only is it difficult for large teams to control product quality, it is even more difficult for small and medium-sized anchors to establish professional appraisal, product selection and product supply chain teams.

The Taobao platform will open an official product pool to all anchors, covering at least 100 million high-quality and diversified products from the Taobao Tmall platform.

Each anchor can directly select products that meet their own characteristics from the product pool to carry the goods.

The platform will also organize more product selection meetings to help anchors dock more goods and allow them to choose more products.

  The e-commerce platform has a fairly complete set of product guarantee mechanisms, as well as after-sales services such as seven-day unreasonable returns and fast refunds.

In the live broadcast rooms of some professional anchors, for example, Wei Ya has a dedicated customer service team to help consumers communicate with merchants to solve problems.

  Text/Reporter Chen Si