Sales of five major department stores in April were down 20% to 30% compared to April, when they were not affected by the new coronavirus.

Due to the state of emergency issued to four prefectures including Tokyo late last month, department store companies have been forced to close again, and the severe situation continues.

Sales in April and last month announced by five major department stores increased by nearly four times from the same month last year for Sogo and Seibu, and each company increased by two to four times.

Last April was the first state of emergency due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and most stores were closed, which has resulted in a significant increase.

On the other hand, compared to April, when the new Corona had no effect, all of them decreased, with the decrease being 36% at Hankyu Hanshin Department Store, 27% at Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store, 26.2% at Takashimaya, and Mitsukoshi Isetan Holdings. Was 24.1%, and Sogo & Seibu was 21%.

Department store companies are closed on most floors except for grocery and other daily necessities in response to a request for closure due to a state of emergency issued to four prefectures such as Tokyo on the 25th of last month, and sales are expected to recover. The situation is not going on.