Many big-name new products were launched for the first time. Over 1,200 domestic exhibitors...The first session of the Consumer Expo was completed

  The first China International Consumer Goods Expo will open in Haikou, Hainan on May 6.

At present, all the exhibition arrangements in the exhibition halls have been completed. Exhibitors are using the last time to carry out exhibits on the shelf and cleaning work, and all preparations such as logistical support are ready.

  CCTV reporter Tang Lei: Now I am in the Hainan Pavilion, the central area of ​​Pavilion 8. When we came here 5 days ago to shoot, it was still under intense construction and exhibition.

Now everyone can see that all the exquisite exhibits are in place.

  The reporter saw at the scene that the Hainan Pavilion not only displayed “net celebrity” agricultural products such as finger lemons and ice cream fruits, but also high-end cultural and creative products such as huanghuali and agarwood, expanding the international reputation and influence of Hainan products.

It is understood that the domestic exhibition area has a total area of ​​20,000 square meters. The 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, as well as the two separate cities in Xiamen and Dalian, will organize separate groups to organize local consumer boutiques and time-honored brands to participate. 1200.

  Chen Mingfa, Hunan Exhibition Trading Group: We have 48 enterprises in Hunan (coming). The main products are food products, including tea and other agricultural and sideline products. There are probably more than 150 varieties.

Now the exhibition arrangement is basically completed, and it is now in the stage of debugging, finishing, and finishing.

  In addition to the unique characteristics of the domestic exhibition area, the international exhibition area also has a dazzling array of exhibits with big names. 648 exhibiting companies from 69 countries and regions will have many debuts and new products at the first consumer fair.

  L'Oréal North Asia President and China CEO Fei Bori: We will hold a press conference to exclusively release the new product series.

Every step of its design strictly follows the principle of sustainability.

This is also an artistic collaboration that can show consumers the importance of sustainability in consumption and beauty.

  It is understood that the total exhibition area of ​​the Consumer Fair is 80,000 square meters.

It is expected that during the exhibition, there will be more than 20,000 professional buyers from outside the island and more than 200,000 visitors of various types.

The Consumer Fair will become the largest boutique exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region.

In order to ensure the orderly and safe progress of the exhibition, nearly 800 members of the exhibition support service team will provide logistical support for participants from various aspects such as power equipment, conference hosting, on-site services, and construction safety management.

  Li Ningqin, deputy general manager of Orient Global Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center: We have also deployed 16 battery cars in an emergency, which will be used for visitors and some guests to shuttle between the hotel and the exhibition site during the exhibition.

Specially prepared foods from various places with different flavors, including Chinese food, Western food, and Muslim halal food.

There are also some business packages, including our current restaurant is a local Hainan cuisine, the restaurant can order on-site production, so that visitors from all over the world can experience diversified catering services.

  (CCTV reporter Wei Yi, Tang Lei, Xu Jing, Wang Junkai, Zhang Yong, Zhang Yi, Sansha Satellite TV, Hainan TV)