The Travel Guarantee Fund Foundation (SGR) is starting to process the travel vouchers issued by the bankrupt D-Reizen and the booked trips.

According to SGR director Erik Jan Reuver, this involves millions of euros in vouchers and thousands of trips.

In total, D-Reizen has spent 43 million euros on vouchers, which are certainly not all for the account of the SGR pot.

"That will sooner be in the region of 20 million euros, but how much exactly, we will only know when all the receipts have been added up."

The fund first helps D-Reizen customers who are still traveling or who have a voucher for a trip that should have taken place in March last year.

"We need time to get the data in order and we cannot help 22,000 people at the same time," says Reuver.

The SGR received more than twenty thousand vouchers from the curator, which contained only "very limited information".

"Just a number."

Those numbers now need to be matched with names.

Subsequently, the SGR contacts the victims.

Thomas Cook's bankruptcy was more extensive

In part, those claims are passed on to the tour operators, for which D-Reizen provided the travel mediation.

"To a small extent, D-Reizen put together package tours itself."

Even in cases where trips have been booked that should still take place, customers are often referred to the tour operators.

The bankruptcy of D-Reizen is a major one for the guarantee fund, certainly the largest in the corona crisis.

"But not as big as Thomas Cook's in 2019," says Reuver.

"Many people also had to be retrieved from their destination."