Domestic mobile phones frequently hit high-end brands and hot-selling models are still entry-level phones

  During the May Day holiday, many people choose to go shopping.

Among them, many people choose to buy mobile phones for themselves or buy mobile phones as gifts for relatives and friends.

In order to understand the current sales of various mobile phone brands, the reporter visited the offline stores of many mobile phone brands and found that more domestic mobile phones have recently adopted high-end routes, and the prices have risen significantly. However, from the visits, many consumers are very interested in domestic mobile phones. The market recognition of flagship models is not high.

  Text, Picture/Xu Xiaofang, All Media Reporter, Guangzhou Daily

  "I feel that the price of mobile phones is getting higher and higher now." Miss Zhang, who bought in the store, told reporters.

The reporter learned that recently she wanted to buy a mobile phone as a gift for Mother’s Day, but as a newcomer in the workplace who just graduated, Miss Zhang set her budget between 2,000 yuan and 3,000 yuan. The price of the model easily exceeds 5,000 yuan.

  The reporter learned when visiting the market that since the beginning of this year, major mobile phone brands have launched high-end flagship mobile phones.

With the introduction of concepts such as the "ideal for ten years", "Android Phone King", "Android Light", and "Folding Screen Phone King", the price of mobile phones has also risen.

Take the latest flagship mobile phone as an example. OPPO Find X3 Pro starts at 5499 yuan, vivo X60 Pro+ starts at 5998 yuan, and Xiaomi also launched the Mi 11 Ultra with a starting price of 5999 yuan.

In addition, various brands have launched a number of folding screen mobile phones with a price close to or exceeding 10,000 yuan.

  The reporter found that in 2021, some brands' flagship models have seen a price increase trend compared to previous models.

For example, Huawei's folding screen mobile phone Mate X2 starts at 17,999 yuan, and the selling price is 1,000 yuan higher than the previous generation model Mate X.

  This trend of rising prices even led to price increases in the second-hand mobile phone market.

On April 6, the second-hand e-commerce platform reposted a report showing that the domestic smartphone market was picking up in the first quarter of this year. Due to factors such as chips and supply, the prices of individual popular models fluctuated slightly. In the second-hand market, iPhone11 Some models, such as the 5G version of Huawei P40, even saw a slight price increase.

  Vivo replaces Huawei and ranks first in the Chinese market

  It is worth noting that the April hot-selling mobile phone list released by an e-commerce platform recently showed that the Apple iPhone 12 launched at the end of last year topped the list with more than 730,000 units, and the second-ranked iPhone 11 has 330,000 units sold.

In contrast, the sales of other brands of mobile phones in the top eight are all more than 100,000, which is quite different from the sales of iPhones.

  The reporter observed that among the top ten on the list, only Huawei’s Mate 40 Pro is the only domestic mobile phone brand that sells for more than 5,000 yuan. The other models on the list are mostly low-end and mid-end mobile phones, and the starting price is generally lower. 2000 dollars.

  On the morning of April 29, the first quarter China smartphone market report released by market research agency Canalys showed that vivo replaced Huawei and ranked first in the Chinese market, accounting for 23% of the entire Chinese market, with a shipment of 21.6 million units, followed by OPPO, Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple.

Among them, Huawei's shipments in the first quarter fell by as much as 50% year-on-year.

  Regarding the sales performance of vivo and OPPO in the first quarter, Canalys pointed out that vivo and OPPO performed strongly in the field of entry-level 5G products, and these products are generally priced at slightly less than 2,000 yuan ($300).

At the same time, Nicole Peng, vice president of Canalys mobile market research business, said, "For Huawei's competitors in China, the entry-level 5G market is just a'low-hanging fruit'. The real battlefield is in the high-end ($500 and above) field. In the first quarter, Huawei still occupied a solid position in the high-end price segment among Android manufacturers with products such as Mate 40 Pro and Nova 8 Pro."

  Regarding the sales of different models, a salesperson at a Xiaomi store in Haizhu District, Guangzhou told reporters that the current sales of low-priced models are still better.

In addition, during the interview, the reporter also learned about domestic brand flagship phones and found that many consumers still have a low degree of recognition of domestic mobile phone flagship phones.

  Huawei phones are mostly out of stock

  During the visit, in addition to learning that mobile phone prices are generally high, and the high-end flagships of many domestic mobile phone brands are still difficult to be recognized by the market, the reporter also found that some mobile phone brands have serious shortages, of which Huawei stores are the most prominent.

  The reporter visited a Huawei authorized experience store in Haizhu District and found that many mobile phones in the store were out of stock, including hot-selling models such as Mate 40 and Mate 40E.

Even when it is in stock, consumers need to pay a higher price than the official selling price to buy a mobile phone.

  According to the clerk, the 8GB+128GB version of Huawei Mate 40 can be transferred, but the price is not 4999 yuan as shown on the official website, but 5499 yuan.

The clerk said, "4999 yuan is the bare metal price, and the 5499 yuan price includes the charger, unlimited free film and mobile phone case for a year."

When the reporter asked on the spot whether it is possible to buy a bare machine, the clerk said that there is no such option and said that the 66W fast-charge charger is currently out of stock in the store. The kit comes with a 40W charger.

  Through inquiries, the reporter found that the 8GB+256GB version can be purchased at the price of 5499 yuan on Huawei's official website, but the current Mate 40 models are displayed on Huawei's official website as "sold out", and the 66W fast charge charger is also in a limited time. .

  It is understood that in March this year, the "China Mobile 2021 Terminal Product Strategy White Paper" showed that the unfavorable factors facing the development of the domestic mobile phone market in 2021 are obvious. The main two are the significant contradiction between upstream supply and downstream demand and the cost of 5G mobile phones dropping to 1,000 yuan There is pressure.