I use air purifiers a lot these days at home, school, and at work because I'm worried about fine dust. However, if you use this incorrectly, it may not be good for your body.

Let’s look at reporter Han Ji-yeon first and continue the story.


Air purifiers installed all over the house,

[(How many?) Total 3. Here



I put it near the bed in the master


room and in the children's room.

[Air purifier users: I can sleep on a day when there is a lot of fine dust, so I wonder if the one right next to me can drink the purified air a little faster.]

Really? I baked mackerel at home.

The concentration of fine dust and ultra-fine dust around the air purifier keeps rising, rather than falling, and soaring nearly 10 times the number before turning on the purifier.

The air purifier sucks in contaminated air such as fine dust from below and then breathes out the purified air again. Let's take a look at the flow of air using smog.

When the air purifier is activated, white smog collects on the bed and sofa next to the purifier, and the smog is sucked into the mouth and nose of the doll lying on the bed.

[Park Gyeongbuk/Gimpo University Environmental Health Research Institute Director: Bacteria and viruses usually float around 1m to 1.5m. (Purifier) ​​So, what will these guys do if they start it up? It will all come down here (intake).] The

same goes for school.

Air purifiers are usually placed in front of or behind the classroom.

As a result of the experiment, the concentration of fine dust decreased significantly after 30 minutes in the area far from the air purifier, but the concentration in the surrounding area remained high even after 1 hour.

[Park Gyeongbuk/Gimpo University Environmental Health Research Institute Director: If placed in the back, it will affect the students in the back, and if placed in the front, it may be poisonous (in case of incorrect use).] Although the

installation location is important, the instruction manual for the purifier is important. There is no clear information on this.

Rather, the advertisement video shows a scene that is used by placing it near a person.

[Air purifier users: There was a time when a child was left sleeping, but it is a little shocking that the bad air was sucked into the bedside.]

An air purifier installed to drink clean air can lead to a result of collecting dust and drinking. .

(Video editing: Jihye So, CG: Hyunjung Jung, VJ: Hyungjin Kim)

Q. In the right place?

[Reporter Han Ji-yeon: Yes, while covering this issue, I asked for opinions from various consumers, but I didn't care much about where I put the air purifier, or, as we saw in the previous report, in order to be exposed to the fresh air like a housewife, like the housewife. It was often put around people. For this home, the layout of the living room away from the sofa seems to be the most appropriate. The air purifier breathes out purified air, but also sucks in contaminated air. You only need to remember this. Therefore, it is dangerous to keep it close to people and it should be placed in a remote corner where no humans are active. However, in places where there are many people, such as classrooms and multi-use facilities, there is a difficult part in selecting a location, so an alternative is needed.]

Q. How to use it correctly?

[Reporter Han Ji-yeon: In the spring season with a lot of pollen these days, if you open the window and turn on the air purifier, pollen comes in from the outside because of the power to inhale the air. Because of this, you have to close the windows and start operation. The spread of Corona 19 is still there these days, but the virus may spread due to the wind of an air purifier. So, experts say, it is better not to operate the purifier in the space where the confirmed person came out or in a crowded or confined space. In addition, you have to check the filter that filters pollutants from time to time to check the replacement time. If this replacement time is delayed, all the fine dust and bacteria stuck in the filter are released to the outside again.Especially, in the rainy season, mold and bacteria It can be breeding.]