Bluefin tuna fishing has reached its peak on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, and is being landed one after another at fishing ports.

At this time of year, bluefin tuna that move northward in the East China Sea are caught in the sea near Ishigaki Island, and the peak of fishing is reached.

A total of 20 bluefin tuna were landed one after another at the fishing port on the island from early in the morning on the 5th, and the largest one was 2 meters long and weighed over 220 kilograms.

Bluefin tuna are carefully packed in boxes and shipped to Toyosu Market in Tokyo and Osaka.

According to the local fishermen's cooperative, although the number of flights will be reduced due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the transportation volume will not decrease as much as last year, so the fishermen's cooperative is expecting a high price transaction.

Captain Kate Kaku, a fishing boat that landed eight bluefin tuna on the 5th, said, "I am relieved that I can land a lot of tuna. I want you to eat delicious tuna. "