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(5th) night, for more than 2 hours, the PC version of KakaoTalk could not be accessed and messages were not sent.

Kakao apologized to the users who suffered from the inconvenience, saying that there was an error in the internal system.

This is reporter Kim Hyung-rae.

<Reporter> When

I try to access KakaoTalk from my personal computer, only an error message appears.

Even if I try to send a message to my mobile phone, it also fails to send.

From 9:47 last night, there was a problem that I could not receive and send KakaoTalk messages and log in to the PC version.

Kakao went straight into the maintenance, but the delayed work, and the'jamming' condition continued for more than two hours.

Various social media posts were followed by articles complaining of inconvenience to users.

Some users deleted and reinstalled KakaoTalk, and the conversation history was erased.

Kakao said that it sincerely apologizes to those who suffered any inconvenience due to an error in the internal system.

It has been about a year and two months since March 17 last year that a large-scale transmission failure occurred in Kakao Talk.

This obstacle is expected to be an example of the application of the revised telecommunications business law, so-called'Netflix Act'.

This law, which has been in force since December of last year, mandates technical measures to stabilize services for providers of large-scale content such as Google, Facebook, and Netflix.

Accordingly, at the end of last year, Google, which had a failure in overall services such as YouTube, was also investigated by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Information.