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is a shortage of semiconductors for vehicles these days, so that some automobile factories have to be built for a while. As a result, vehicle shipments are also delaying, and consumers are deepening their concerns as companies are saying that they will ship cars quickly if they remove options that contain a lot of semiconductors.

This is reporter Han Sang-woo.


Many of Hyundai Motor Company's electric car Ioniq 5 advance reservations will be available only next year.

This is largely due to the lack of vehicle semiconductors, but a so-called'minus option' card has emerged that allows the car to be shipped quickly, except for functions that contain a lot of semiconductors.

[Car salesperson: It seems that it will be a little difficult to get it within this year. (And that guidance.) Semiconductor much, except for entering functions and options can be shipped the car a little faster -

Hyundai whether the person in the back seat burned, the door remote control outside the function, the car tells the like that open It has been announced that quick delivery is possible by subtracting the two functions of moving the car back and forth with the device.

As a customer, I have deep concerns.

You need to get your car quickly before the subsidies for EVs run out, but it's not easy to give up an option that includes some safety features.

Kia Motors K8 and Carnival can also quickly receive vehicles by removing some features.

It is a temporary prescription to pass the so-called'semiconductor barley pass', but there is no plan to know when the breath will open.

Hyundai Motor Company will stop the line at Ulsan Plant 4, which produces porters, for three days, and is considering whether Asan and Ulsan Plant 1 will stop again.

GM Korea already operates only half of its Bupyeong 2 plant, and Ssangyong Motor also stopped operating its Pyeongtaek plant for a week last month.

Hyundai and Kia Motors are doing their best by recording the highest sales ever recorded in the U.S. market in April following the first quarter. This month, the shortage of semiconductors is expected to disrupt production in earnest, which is expected to negatively affect sales performance.