Almost eight in ten home furnishing stores think about or have already made the decision to continue shopping by appointment, even if you no longer have to.

The doors of all non-food stores have been open again for a week, prompting the INretail branch organization to take stock of the situation.

Even at clothing stores and shoe and sports stores, shopping by appointment is not yet completely off the radar.

"Here, less than a third of entrepreneurs are considering keeping it," said INretail.

Soon after the relaxation was announced, De Bijenkorf announced that it would stick to 'private shopping'.

For the time being, this chain only offers shopping by appointment, which is not the case with the stores that INretail is talking about.

"Shopping by appointment then takes place during regular opening hours, which also allows spontaneous store visits."

All stores have received a boost since the doors can open again, according to the trade association. "But the damage has not yet been repaired." Restrictions still apply to all non-food stores, for example, they may not receive more than one customer per 25 square meters.