On the innovation track, Chinese companies are speeding up to run

  small lens is not simple, smart factories have a mystery

  On March 24th, General Secretary Xi Jinping, who was visiting Fujian, came to Fujian Fuguang Co., Ltd.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that our country must rely on innovation to enter the first phalanx of scientific and technological development, and blindly following is not feasible. We must speed up the pace of technological self-reliance and self-reliance.

We must adhere to the core position of innovation in the overall modernization drive, take innovation as a national policy, and actively encourage and support innovation.

Innovation does not ask about "begins", as long as anyone can contribute to the country, we will support them.

  "The optical industry has a lot to do, and private companies should also do a lot. We must continue to work hard in innovation to let more Chinese creations go to the world." said He Wenbo, chairman of Fuguang Company, "I have chosen innovation in my life to the end. ."

  Fuguang's "one road to the end" struggle is precisely the epitome of Fujian's aim at innovation, a new development engine, to inject new vitality into high-quality development and release new kinetic energy.

  In recent years, Fujian has promoted high-quality development and transcendence in an all-round way. Fujian enterprises have taken innovation as the starting point, centered on the overall improvement of industrial competitiveness and the level of the industrial chain, and insisted on both increasing the total amount and improving the quality, and simultaneously improving the increment and revitalizing the stock.

  Based on high-tech

  Cultivate new drivers of development

  Why is Fuguang Company so compelling?

Check out the company's leading products, and the answer is self-explanatory.

  The reporter walked into the company's product exhibition hall and saw a dazzling array of lens products: some are as small as dots, some are as large as discs, there are both spherical fisheye lenses and rifle-shaped square lenses. Both represent different application scenarios...

  Established in February 2004, Fuguang Company focuses on high-precision full-spectrum lenses and optoelectronic systems. It is a "little giant" enterprise specializing in special new technologies.

  "The world's first large-aperture and large-field transmission optical system design and processing technology, the country's first 4K, 8K, 10K ultra-high-definition lens, the lens processing precision reaches the nanometer level, our precision and products have reached the world's advanced level." The employee Hou Yanping proudly introduced.

  On February 10, "Tianwen-1", which performed China's first Mars exploration mission, successfully entered Mars orbit.

The star sensor optical navigation system on the detector is made by Fuguang Company.

"The navigation system is just like the clairvoyance of Tianwen No. 1, which can identify Mars at a distance of 10 million kilometers, and realize that "Thousands of miles are close to each other"." He Wenbo introduced that today, the company's customized products are widely used in " "Shenzhou series" and other major aerospace missions and high-end equipment.

  Where did the brilliant results come from?

  He Wenbo said that it comes from "holding on innovation and not relaxing."

The company currently has 546 authorized patents.

In 2019, Fuguang invested RMB 37,538,900 in R&D, accounting for 6.47% of operating income.

In 2020, the company will continue to increase R&D investment, and R&D expenses will continue to increase compared with the same period last year.

  Pay close attention to innovation, let Fuguang Company continue to step up to a new level of technology.

Nowadays, high-tech enterprises like Fuguang Company are blooming all over the land of Bamin, injecting endless new kinetic energy into development.

  In May 2020, the first phase of the Fujian Strait Nebula Intelligent Manufacturing Base project delivered the first complete machine, marking the official commissioning of Fujian’s first domestic chip production base; Torch Electronics, a listed company located in Quanzhou, mastered product design and material development The core technology of a series of ceramic capacitor manufacturing to the production process is the first multi-core group ceramic capacitor in the country, which fills the gap in this field; Tianma's sixth-generation flexible AMOLED production line is expected to be completed this year. After completion, it will build a domestic body. The largest number of flexible panel single factories...The electronic information industry has changed its low-end look, the machinery and equipment industry has accelerated its intelligent transformation, and the petrochemical industry has actively expanded the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Fujian’s three leading industries are striving to improve the development level of the industrial chain.

  Released long-life batteries with self-repairing technology, which solved the pain points of mileage reduction for new energy vehicle users; became the head supplier in the field of Mercedes-Benz battery technology, signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Honda on new energy vehicle power batteries, and further integrated into the country The supply chain of foreign top-tier car companies... CATL has topped the global power battery market for three consecutive years, and its development momentum will remain strong in 2020.

  Represented by the Ningde era, Fujian has taken strategic emerging industries as new growth points while leading industries to strengthen its strengths and bones. A number of leading companies such as new energy, new materials, Internet of Things, and biomedicine have come to the fore, driving the industry to show growth. The characteristics of fast speed, strong vitality, new format and sufficient stamina.

  Based on high-tech enterprises, Fujian creates a powerful engine for high-quality development.

According to the data, in 2020, of the two batches of 2,989 companies that have been filed in Fujian, 2,946 have passed the national certification, and the number of certifications has reached a new high, an increase of 53.4% ​​over the same period of the previous year; the pass rate has reached 98.7%, maintaining a 98% or more for three consecutive years High pass rate.

Up to now, the number of national high-tech enterprises in Fujian has reached 6,476, an increase of 34.6% over the previous year.

  This year's Fujian Provincial Government Work Report emphasizes that it will improve the growth acceleration mechanism of high-tech enterprises, vigorously attract and cultivate unicorn enterprises, and strive to exceed 10,000 high-tech enterprises above the provincial level in 2021.


  Traditional manufacturing rejuvenates

  In the Jiumu 5G Smart Industrial Park in Yongchun County, Quanzhou, the advanced equipment here greatly expands people’s imagination of traditional bathroom manufacturing: a 24-hour non-stop glazing robot with an efficiency of 3 times that of manual labor and a uniformity of 100%. If there is nothing in the multi-pound ceramic toilet, the palletizing robot can be neatly stacked in threes and twos, and there is a high-power camera that replaces manual quality inspection. The surface inspection of a product can be completed in 35 seconds, and the efficiency is 10 times that of manual...

  "This is the first true 5G digital smart factory in the global ceramic industry." Lin Xiaowei, vice president of Jiumu Group, told reporters that in the smart industrial park, China Telecom's 5G network laying and cloud computing, Siemens is responsible for the overall architecture design of the digital factory, and Huawei Then supply smart hardware.

  Innovation empowers traditional manufacturing. Jiumu, a private sanitary ware company, is leading the world.

In recent years, Jiumu Group has invested at least 5% of its total sales each year in technology research and development and product innovation, established 30 research institutes, more than 60 transformation center laboratories, and obtained an average of one patent per day, accelerating the transition from a production-oriented enterprise to a technology-oriented enterprise Transformation.

  "Accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading requires continuous benchmarking with the world's advanced technology and a firm grasp of core technologies." Lin Xiaowei said that through 5G cloud manufacturing, Jiumu has achieved digital quality improvement and efficiency, and realized production digitization and management visualization from the sales end to the factory end. , Personalized quick customization, 100% controllable rate of safe production, 100% solid and hazardous material control, and a zero-inventory production method with a 50% increase in production efficiency.

  Across the county, Anta Group, located in Jinjiang City, Quanzhou, is also taking a big step forward in its transformation and upgrading.

At the beginning of 2021, the intelligent, digital, and standardized integrated factory built by Anta Group was officially unveiled and put into operation: the aerial assembly line is up to three floors, and the same assembly line has different categories, different styles, different colors, and different sizes of clothing at the same time. The richness of production and circulation products is much higher than that of the traditional model.

  "The brand-new upgraded factory is the first in the industry to realize the full-category and full-process production from cutting, batching, sewing, ironing, packaging to boxing." Anta Group Chairman and CEO Ding Shizhong introduced, "In the single The improvement in product efficiency also doubles the profit margin, which will also become a benchmark for the supply chain and even the industry."

  Innovation never stops. In the first half of 2020 alone, Anta Group has invested nearly 400 million yuan in innovative research and development.

Up to now, Anta Group has absorbed nearly 200 design and R&D experts from 18 different countries and regions, applied for more than 1,800 national patents, and technology products accounted for more than 80%.

A large number of self-developed scientific and technological achievements, such as elastic rubber, easy to bend, energy ring, Feizhi technology, and quick-drying technology, have been affirmed by the market.

  "Only by continuously building the core competitiveness of the enterprise can we maintain healthy and sustainable growth." Ding Shizhong said that in 2020, Anta once again handed over bright data: overall revenue exceeded 35.51 billion yuan, an increase from 33.9 billion yuan in 2019 4.7%, operating profit increased by 5.3% to 9.15 billion yuan, gross profit increased by 10.7% to 20.65 billion yuan.

  From plumbing and sanitary ware to textile shoes and clothing, the vivid stories of enterprises reflect Fujian’s unremitting efforts to consolidate the advantages of traditional industries and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading.

  "During the '13th Five-Year Plan' period, Fujian's investment in technological transformation increased by more than 15% per year. With technology as a starting point, the level of integration of the two technologies (informatization and industrialization) in traditional industries has been continuously improved, which has become an important focus for promoting its high-quality development. Hands." The relevant person in charge of the Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology said.

  In 2019, Fujian carried out a new round of special enterprise technological transformation actions, implemented technological transformation rewards and inclusive policies, and implemented a total of 738 provincial key technological transformation projects throughout the year, with a total investment of 216.9 billion yuan, and it is estimated that more than 3,760 new sales income will be added after the commissioning. 100 million yuan.

In 2020, the provincial technology reform fund will be expanded to 20 billion yuan.

  At present, more than 40,000 enterprises in Fujian have realized the "platform on the cloud", most of which are traditional industrial enterprises, and the enabling effects of big data, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet are becoming increasingly apparent.

  Digital drive

  Unleash the dividends of technological innovation

  How much technology can a piece of chicken have?

Fujian Shengnong Group gave its own answer.

  As a food company mainly engaged in broiler breeding and processing, the digital environmental control hall in Sunnong Company can be called the "brain" of the entire group-"the digital system realizes the online management of all environmental control equipment in the broiler breeding farm, and the staff on duty The monitoring hall can monitor the real-time temperature of each chicken house, and the system can also generate environmental data records and report analysis." Fu Guangming, chairman of the Sunnong Group, said. In addition, the farm plant has just completed the automation transformation and upgrade, "the plant has unified monitoring, Realize automatic heat preservation, automatic ventilation, automatic drinking, automatic feeding, etc., further reduce the labor intensity of the staff, simplify the work process, improve the safety management level, and greatly save the cost of human resources."

  The release of dividends from scientific and technological innovation has not only improved the production level of Sunnong Group, but also broke through the industry's "stuck neck" problem.

  White feather broilers are my country's second-largest consumption of meat, but the quality breeds used in production have long been dependent on imports.

"In order to realize the self-owned provenance, Shengnong launched the white feather broiler provenance development project in 2016, and has invested nearly 800 million yuan so far." Fu Guangming introduced that in 2019, Shengnong successfully developed and cultivated independently, becoming the first domestic company with independent research and development. The intellectual property rights white-feather broiler ancestor breeder breeding and parental breeder breeding base have made up for the shortcomings of the industry.

  Advanced technology accelerates the production of traditional foods and increases the quality, and the circulation link also ushered in digital innovation.

  In the production workshop of Changlong Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. in Zhangzhou High-tech Zone, 700 ducks are hung upside down on the fully automated mechanized poultry slaughter line. After corona, scalding, dehairing, waxing, post-slaughter inspection and other production processes, they finally become The fresh "white striped poultry" was slowly transferred out, and then the "animal quarantine certificate" and the "product traceable QR code" were hung up and sent to the cold storage... This was launched in Zhangzhou in March 2020 Baitiao poultry traceability system.

  Under the traceability system, slaughter information, slaughter time, and inspection information will be simultaneously entered when live poultry is slaughtered, and a meat inspection certificate will be generated.

In addition, by deploying smart electronic scales in various markets, food can be automatically identified and data can be automatically uploaded during the sales process. Big data statistics can be realized from the place of origin to the store, and each variety can be traced throughout.

"The system uses cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies to establish a unified basic data center in the food circulation link to help regulatory agencies achieve standardized management of wholesale markets, farmer's markets, and supermarkets." The relevant person in charge of the company introduced.

  To grasp innovation is to grasp development, and to seek innovation is to seek the future.

Taking innovation as the first driving force for development, Fujian enterprises are speeding up on the innovation track.

  Statistics show that from 2016 to 2019, the industrial added value of Fujian's planning industry increased by an average annual rate of 8.4%. In 2020, it will achieve growth against the trend.

  "Fujian enterprises have taken new steps in high-quality development, achieving high-end leading industries, modernization of traditional industries, large-scale emerging industries, specialization of producer services, and quality of life services. Especially in strategic emerging industries. Accelerating development has not only improved its own scale, but also led to the high-end shift of leading industries, traditional industry supply chains, and value chains." said Dr. Zhu Sihai from the Fujian Provincial Government Development Research Center.