Xie Weifeng, Current Affairs Commentator, China Net

  "Encourage the development of private enterprises. The party and the state will support private enterprises when they encounter difficulties and give guidance when they encounter difficulties. It is hoped that private enterprises can develop boldly and confidently." On the afternoon of the 26th, General Secretary Xi Jinping, who was investigating and investigating in Guangxi Came to the Liuzhou snail noodle production cluster area and praised the "millet noodle industry".

  Liuzhou snail noodles that smell very stinky and taste very fragrant have become a well-known Internet celebrity snack.

In Douyin, there are countless small videos about snail noodles; open station B, there is a special snail noodles channel...From the once local specialties to the delicious snacks that are popular all over the country and the world, the noodles are full of regional characteristics and national culture. , Has become an important support for local economic development, and has also provided a strong impetus for the healthy and sustainable development of many local private enterprises.

  The emergence of small snail noodles is inseparable from the unique flavor and the efforts of private enterprises.

Private enterprises that grew out of nothing and became strong have witnessed the transformation of the non-public economy from "a beneficial supplement to the public economy" to "an important part of the socialist market economy", and thus have become an important puzzle for China's economy.

  An era has a symbol of an era.

Nowadays, snail fans are also firmly seizing the opportunities brought by the development of e-commerce. Many private enterprises have taken the express train of new business formats and are also feeling the spring breeze of high-quality development.

When the opportunity comes, we must seize it.

At this moment, in the face of a new development pattern in which the domestic and international dual cycles are the mainstay and the domestic and international dual cycles promote each other, state leaders encourage private enterprises to develop with confidence and boldness. This is not only the sound of the clarion call, but also the direction.

  There is no need to focus on Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai or the Pearl River Delta. Just in Guangxi, the jade of private enterprises can be seen everywhere.

Whether it’s the Huangshi Group, which ranks first in the country in the production and sales of buffalo milk, or the Tianyuan Biochemical, which won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, observing these private enterprises, you will find that standardized production, quality assurance, and professional services are exactly what The key to its rapid development.

To build a first-class industry, produce first-class products, and establish a first-class reputation, private enterprises need to calm down to develop, and they also need to dare to assume social responsibility.

During the epidemic, many private enterprises actively transformed the production of medical supplies such as masks, allowing people to witness the social responsibility of private enterprises.

Profit is not all, public welfare is even more original.

Only by closely linking their own destiny with the national destiny and taking the initiative to assume their own social responsibilities can private enterprises accumulate more energy and maintain a good attitude in the process of development.

And this also resonates with the dimension of "developing with confidence and boldness".

  The government is inseparable for the growth of private enterprises.

During the epidemic, the industrial chain and supply chain were blocked, which caused a considerable impact on the development of private enterprises.

In some places, barriers such as "glass doors," "spring doors," and "rolling doors" still exist. Some local governments have policies for private enterprises. These issues need to be taken seriously by government departments at all levels.

At present, private enterprises still have a lot of worries and worries. To make them feel free to do it, the government must grasp the problem orientation: formulate strong measures to accurately relieve private enterprises and reduce the burden of corporate taxes and fees. Promote the implementation of government services one by one...The government has practiced the "basic skills" and the policy has "combined punches". Only in this way can private enterprises be activated.

  The context of "reassuring and boldly doing it" is obviously a market expectation that combines a sense of security and gain.

A good legal environment and business environment are an important prerequisite for ensuring that companies can be confident to grow bigger and stronger.

Enhancing the enthusiasm of private enterprise executives for entrepreneurship, activating their innovative vitality and development motivation, government departments must not only play the role of "shop second", but also be a good "goalkeeper", and lead the private enterprise industry in order and health , Standardize development.

From a small bowl of snail noodles, what we see is that private enterprises have broken out of development, drove the development of the local economy, and promoted the people to get rid of poverty and become rich.

This initial aspiration is always possible.