China News Service, May 4, reporter learned from China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Railway Group") that on May 3, the railway passenger flow remained high, and the national railways sent 13.745 million passengers, an increase from the same period in 2019. 3.2%.

On May 4, the return passenger flow increased, and the national railways are expected to send 15.2 million passengers.

Railway departments in various regions coordinate epidemic prevention and control and transportation organization, continue to increase transportation capacity, implement measures to facilitate the people and benefit the people, and strive to ensure the smooth return of passengers.

  On May 3, 10,358 passenger trains were operated on national railways, including 814 additional trains.

On May 4th, 1361 additional passenger trains are expected to be opened, of which 1,150 passenger trains are under the management of the railway bureau to meet the needs of passengers for return trips as much as possible.

The Harbin Bureau Group Company added 252 passenger trains, 57 multiplexed trains of EMUs, and added 469 regular-speed passenger trains.

Shenyang Bureau Group Corporation expanded the transportation capacity of popular lines by adding 118 trains, including 87 EMU trains and 58 EMU re-connection operations, increasing the passenger capacity by approximately 154,000.

Jinan Bureau Group Company added 36 passenger trains on the peak line and 56 temporary passenger trains.

The Shanghai Bureau Group Corporation opened 272 passenger trains, and increased the capacity input for high-speed rail lines with concentrated passenger flows such as Beijing-Shanghai, Shanghai-Nanjing, Shanghai-Hangzhou, and Ningbo-Wenzhou.

Wuhan Bureau Group Company added 16 "night high-speed trains" from Wuhan to Shenzhen North, Yichang East to Shanghai Hongqiao, and Xiangyang East to Beijing West.

Nanchang Bureau Group Company added 11 night trains in tourist cities such as Nanping to Fuzhou, Jingdezhen to Nanchang, and Shangrao to Guangzhou.

Chengdu Bureau Group Company added 109 trains of EMUs within the pipeline in the directions of Chengdu east to Shapingba, Chongqing north to Wanzhou north, and Guiyang north to Liupanshui to ensure sufficient return transportation capacity.

  At the same time, local railway departments have strengthened the prevention and control of the epidemic, implemented measures to facilitate the people and benefit the people, and strive to provide passengers with a better travel experience.

The Taiyuan Bureau Group Company and the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company continue to strictly implement the "health code" inspection and information registration system for entering and leaving the station, increasing the temperature measurement channels for entering and leaving the station, and reducing the waiting time of passengers in line.

The Beijing Bureau Group Corporation fully opened the Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing-Tianjin Express Arrival Halls at Beijing South Railway Station to minimize the waiting time of passengers.

The Zhengzhou Bureau Group Corporation has added an urban traffic guidance function at the service counters of major railway stations, closely linked with aviation, public transportation, and subways to provide "seamless connection" services.

In order to facilitate the return journey of passengers, Guangzhou Bureau Group has improved the safety, guidance and service signs in each station, focusing on the maintenance of elevators, security checkers, and air conditioners.

The Kunming Bureau Group Company established a "Youth Service Team" to provide voluntary services such as passenger guidance, luggage handling, and ticket purchase.

The Lanzhou and Urumqi Bureau Group Corporations have strengthened key passenger services and increased human service forces to provide convenience for elderly travelers and people who are offline.

  The railway department reminds passengers and friends that the specific arrangements for train operation during the holidays can be checked on the railway 12306 website (including the mobile client).

Please take good personal hygiene protection during the journey, cooperate with the railway department to implement epidemic prevention measures for trains and stations, and jointly maintain a safe and healthy travel environment.