, Xi’an, May 3 (Reporter Zhang Yichen) "In recent years, Qishan County has taken the development of the “bowl of noodles” economy as the key to leading the revitalization of the rural areas, creating a new engine for high-quality economic and social development in the county. In 2020, “a bowl The economic output value reached 13 billion yuan (RMB, the same below).” said Zhang Xiaoyu, director of the Qishan County Agriculture and Rural Bureau.

  Qishan County, located in the western part of Guanzhong, is the birthplace of Zhou culture and the birthplace of Huangdi Neijing and Zhouyi.

In addition, Qishan is the hometown of traditional food in Shaanxi. Qishan simmered noodles and Qishan rolled noodles are well-known across the country.

  "Qishan hollow dried noodles are made by hand through more than 10 processes such as selecting materials, kneading noodles, making large strips, making small strips, and drying, etc., which lasted 3 days. The strips are delicate and hollow, light tendons are resistant to cooking, and the taste is fine and waxy. "Jindao" is known as "the best in Shaanxi"." said Xie Fengming, the provincial non-genetic inheritor of Qishan hollow noodles.

  Zhang Xiaoyu introduced that around the "one bowl of noodles" economic factors, the local area built a 10,000 mu wheat, vegetable, fruit planting base and livestock and poultry scale farms to create a full traceable "one bowl of noodles" economic high-quality raw material supply base.

Establish a 20 million yuan "one bowl of noodles" economic industry support fund, cultivate and attract deep processing enterprises of flour, noodles, balsamic vinegar, rapeseed oil, Qishan noodles, rolled noodles and other series of products, and support leading enterprises and new business entities to carry out scientific research and development, Equipment transformation, production expansion and energy enhancement.

  For a long time, the low rate of return on agriculture has restricted rural development and is also one of the biggest obstacles to rural revitalization.

The Chinese government has proposed that in the overall promotion of rural revitalization, it will focus on promoting the development of rural industries.

  Rural revitalization requires more talents to return home to start businesses.

In 2016, Xie Fengming's son Fan Zeyu returned to his hometown to start a business and helped the family's cooperative to run marketing and Internet sales. With the help of Qishan's development of the "bowl of noodles" economy, the family's hollow noodle industry gradually improved.

  "Since its establishment, the cooperative has grown in scale and improved in quality. Its members have grown from 13 initially to 105 at present, and its registered capital has increased from 56,000 yuan to 3.6 million yuan. The annual sales volume of the cooperative is 200 tons. "Fan Zeyu told reporters.

  Jing Ningbo, the person in charge of Qishan Noodle Industrial Park, said: "The construction will be centered on the Qishan Noodle Industry and guided by the national terminal market demand. The construction of tableware, decorative materials, engineering auxiliary materials processing, food raw material supply bases and R&D centers, planting Breeding bases, etc., continuously improve the industrial chain, form a national agricultural product ecosystem, fully integrate local agricultural and sideline products, and deep-processed products, and promote the overall development of the entire industrial chain.

  At present, the company has fully realized the standard industrialization path of the origin of Qishan's noodles, and at the same time satisfies the demand for raw materials for the national catering market, and the supply chain system is complete.

  "Qishan will deeply explore the advantages of food culture and tourism resources in the "Hometown of Chinese Bashful Noodles" and "Hometown of Zhou Li", use local food as a carrier to promote Zhou culture, and promote local food consumption with Zhou cultural dissemination, so as to realize the in-depth integration of food and travel. "Zhang Xiaoyu said.