China News Service, Haikou, May 4th, title: The gathering of consumer boutiques in Haikou will become the stage of global brands

  China News Agency reporter Huang Yi

  The opening of the first China International Consumer Goods Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Consumer Fair") is about to open, and exhibitors are now in an orderly arrangement.

Faberge’s 18K gold handcrafted "Hundred Years of Age" egg weighing 10 kilograms will be the world's first to develop, and the Karlov legendary black diamond of the same name worth 250 million yuan will make its debut...May 7-10 , "High-tech, new, high-quality, special" consumer products from home and abroad will be showcased at the Consumer Fair, and Haikou will become a showcase for global brands.

  The reporter learned from the Hainan International Economic Development Bureau that the first Consumer Expo has a total exhibition area of ​​80,000 square meters and is expected to become the largest consumer boutique exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region.

Among them, the international exhibition area is 60,000 square meters, divided into five professional exhibition areas for fashion life, jewelry diamonds, high-end food and health products, living life and comprehensive services. There are 648 exhibiting companies and 1,319 exhibiting brands from 69 countries and regions. Switzerland Will serve as the guest of honor.

  International exhibitors include France's LVMH Group, Kering Group, L'Oreal, Remy Martin, Martell, Galeries Lafayette, Switzerland's Richemont Group, Swiss Watch Group, British Jaguar Land Rover, Germany's Hans Yachts, and Japan Shiseido, FANCL, Omron, Johnson & Johnson, Dell, and Tesla in the United States, Ao Jiabao in Spain and Aojiabao in Australia.

  Nicolas Beckney, CEO of Remy Cointreau Group Greater China, said that the group will display all its brands at the Consumer Fair, including the legendary Louis XIII, Remy Martin Premium Champagne Cognac, Cointreau Orange Wine, etc. .

  Sun Jue, Managing Director of Swarovski Crystal Business Greater China, introduced that Swarovski will create a brand-new Instant Wonder store design with the theme of "Golden Wonderland" at the Consumer Fair and bring a new Collection I series.

"The Consumer Fair provides an excellent opportunity and platform for us to share new insights, new products and brand-new brand experiences with customers and potential partners."

  Up to now, international brands have confirmed that they will hold 72 debut events at the Consumer Fair.

Many brands will release hundreds of new products during the Expo, covering dozens of categories such as apparel and luggage, beauty products, food, wine, and jewelry.

  Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, said that the debut and debut of a number of high-quality consumer brands on the stage of the Consumer Fair not only reflects the confidence of global brands in the Chinese market, but also reflects the rich and diverse changes in the Chinese market.

  It is understood that in addition to the big names in the international exhibition area, the domestic exhibition area is also a collection of fine products.

The 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, as well as the two separate cities in Xiamen and Dalian, organized separate groups to organize local consumer products and time-honored brands to participate in the exhibition.

More than 800 exhibitors, including Huawei, Gree, Haikang, FAW Hongqi, BYD, Moutai, Tongrentang, Cloisonne and other well-known domestic brands.

  It is worth noting that a total of 22 exhibitors for service consumption in this consumer expo, covering medical services, consulting services, logistics services, financial services and other fields, gathered such as Omron, Shengnuo, Lamex Medical, KPMG , PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Savills and other companies.

  The Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs, and the State Administration of Taxation recently jointly issued a notice, which clarified that before the island-wide customs clearance operation, import exhibits within the prescribed upper limit for sales during the Expo will be exempted from import duties, import value-added tax and sale tax.

  Xie Xiangxiang, deputy dean of the School of Tourism, Hainan University, said that the holding of the Consumer Expo is a manifestation of China's further opening up.

The gathering of many brands shows the strong appeal of the Consumer Fair.

This attraction is not only due to the liberalization and facilitation policies of the Hainan Free Trade Port and the tax exemption policies of the Consumer Fair itself, but also because China is accelerating the construction of a new development pattern. After further liberalization of the tax-free shopping policy on outlying islands, international exhibitors will see the blowout The huge consumption potential in China has further strengthened confidence in the Chinese market.

  As the host site of the first Consumer Expo, Haikou is planning to build a global consumer boutique center project to provide a perennial display and trading platform for domestic and foreign consumer boutiques.

Xie Xiangxiang said that he expects international exhibitors to bring internationally leading consumer products and services to Chinese consumers, and also expects Hainan to show a warm, friendly and inclusive city atmosphere to domestic and foreign exhibitors and visitors through the Consumer Fair.