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so-called bulgaris incident increased the wave, Namyang Dairy Chairman Hong Won-sik decided to resign after taking responsibility. It's been three weeks since it was controversial by announcing that its dairy products have a COVID-19 suppression effect.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon.


[I sincerely apologize.]

Namyang Dairy's chairman Won-sik Hong held a press conference at Namyang Dairy's headquarters this morning and announced that he would withdraw from Namyang Dairy's chairmanship, taking responsibility for all mistakes, including the recent'Bulgaris Incident'. It.

[Hong Won-sik/Chairman of Namyang Dairy: (2013) We apologize for the push-out incident, our niece Hwang Hana incident, and last year's online comment.] On the

13th of last month, a study found that vulgaris was effective in killing the coronavirus


He said he apologized for the delay in the decision to resign for the apology three weeks after the controversy grew and the boycott heated up.

He also said he would not hand over management rights to his children.

Namyang Dairy CEO Lee Kwang-beom sent an e-mail to employees yesterday, saying that he would take responsibility and withdraw, and Hong Jin-seok, the eldest son of Hong Won-sik, who is responsible for this incident as the head of the marketing division, was also dismissed from his post last month.

It is known that the reason for dismissal was the suspicion that Mr. Hong borrowed a luxury foreign car for company expenses and used it for personal purposes such as attending school with his children.

Namyang Dairy is in the process of investigating the police on the alleged violation of the Food Labeling and Advertising Act, and has received a two-month advance notice from Sejong City's Sejong Plant, which is responsible for 40% of its production.