Shift your weight onto one leg, push the other off the floor - and whiz off.

Anyone who has ever run after their scooter-driving child with their tongue hanging out knows how fast they can be on the move.

It is all the more important to find a safe model that is suitable for the respective age group.

What to pay attention to?

Scooters have one big advantage over other companions: children can get off them faster if they want to stop.

There are also brakes so that the child can control the scooter better.

From a medical point of view, there is also a lot to be said for a scooter: “The child trains good body tension with it.

The leg, stomach and back muscles are improved on the scooter, ”says Christopher Spering.

He is a senior physician at the Clinic for Trauma Surgery, Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery in Göttingen.


But children still have to be careful: "As with any other device, rules are required here too," says Spering, who is also head of the prevention section of the German Society for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery.

Accompany children while riding a scooter

For example, children should never ride a scooter alone because it is difficult for them to assess other road users.

“The traffic area is getting more and more crowded.

Now e-scooters and e-bikes have also been added.

It is important that an adult is always there. "

Children should also wear elbow and knee protectors, advises Spering.

But that is not enough.

“When children are older, they are faster and more present in traffic.

You should definitely wear a helmet. "


In addition to protecting the child, the properties of the scooter also count: Before it comes to the perfect size or the right handlebar, you should decide on the number of wheels.

Children's scooters with three wheels are more stable

The Tüv Süd distinguishes between two-wheelers, some of which can also be used for sporting activities, and models with three or four wheels, which provide more stability but are more intended for small children.

For small children up to three years of age, it is advisable to buy a scooter with three wheels in order to take as little risk as possible.

Older children are often a little underchallenged with these vehicles and need a scooter with two wheels in order to develop their motor skills, according to a test carried out by the magazine “Auto Bild” this year.


In any case, it is important that the front rollers are at least 120 millimeters in diameter.

This makes them more stable and easier to get over obstacles such as bumpy paths.

Particularly important when driving a scooter in traffic: a helmet

Source: dpa-tmn

The material of the wheels is also important.

Mostly they are made of plastic or rubber.

"Above all, plastic wheels ensure driving fun," says Robert Ziegler from Tüv Süd.

However, that is a matter of taste.

If you can, you should try different scooters.

It becomes clear which wheels are more suited to speed or lightness, explains Ziegler.

Metal scooters weigh more

Usually the small scooters are made of aluminum or metal or plastic.

Metal scooters are very stable and can withstand a lot, but are relatively the heaviest and therefore more suitable for older and stronger children.

Lighter scooters made of plastic or aluminum are suitable for smaller children.

Another advantage of these vehicles is that they don't rust.

The right scooter offers enough driving fun even in the forest

Source: dpa-tmn

The right handlebars also contribute to a pleasant driving experience.

If it is too high or too low, it becomes uncomfortable on the scooter.

In addition, you get out of breath faster if the height does not match your height.

The advantage of an adjustable handlebar: It grows with you and can be used for a longer period of time.

As a rule of thumb, parents can remember that all handlebars that are ten centimeters or more adjustable will be enough for their child for a long time.

Brakes on the rear wheel can get hot


The brakes in particular ensure safety.

The brake on the rear wheel can either be operated with your foot or on the steering wheel by hand.

When braking on the rear wheel, it is especially important never to ride barefoot.

Because the brake can get hot at high speed.

What parents can still pay attention to is a non-slip step.

This gives the foot a better grip when getting on and off.

Ultimately, the price also plays a role in the purchase.

In the “Auto Bild” test, the scooters were between 22 and 100 euros.

The test winner was a model for 68 euros.

Half a year of e-scooters - and a lot of trouble

In the summer, e-scooters were allowed on German roads.

They've been causing trouble ever since.

Scooters parked on sidewalks hinder pedestrians, while in traffic the often careless drivers cause accidents.

A balance sheet by Paul Willmann.

Source: WORLD / Paul Willmann