China-Singapore Jingwei Client, May 4th (Fu Yumei) Five months ago, Xiaoqin (pseudonym), a girl from Bei Piao, was delighted that she had terminated her long-term rental apartment in time. She saw that her Moments had to move within 3 days. For those who leave the house, she often sighs with her friends that “moving is one of the luckiest things in 2020.” She never thought that she had recently experienced a unexpected relocation trip, “to escape the debt of a long-term apartment in the past. 'All returned."

  As the graduation season approaches, renting houses has become an unavoidable "pit" for many people.

Recently, the topic "Is Beijing renting a house really that terrible?" has been on the hot search in the same city, and Xiaoqin responded with her real experience.

The following is her account (slightly edited):

Chat log provided by interviewees

"Moving in 3 days" that can't escape

  On Sunday afternoon at the end of March, I was enjoying the end of the weekend in a coffee shop, typing on my computer keyboard, and chatting with friends while preparing for the next day’s work.

  Suddenly, a text message from the agent Xiaozheng (a pseudonym) made me completely confused.

Chat log provided by interviewees

  I wonder why I "disturbed the people"?

Asked about the evidence, the intermediary could not give any reason, only that he had to move out.

Later I learned that the real reason for the complaint was the partition.

If I do not move before next Thursday, the room will be forcibly demolished.

  The whistleblower is also very interesting.

Our suite is a three-bedroom.

The girl in the second bedroom and I have been affected by the couple tenants in the master bedroom for a long time, but the communication was to no avail.

For example, the boys do not go out for a long time, dominate the kitchen, do not pay attention to hygiene, and pile up the living room as a "garbage hill"; another example, the two are unwilling to pay tens of yuan for water, electricity and gas, and they are alarmed until the housekeeper comes to pay.

A few days before we received the notice of moving, we had just reported hygiene and other issues with the housekeeper.

Today, we have been reported as "disturbing the people", leaving the master bedroom safe.

  After my mentality collapsed several times, I had no other choice but to accept it.

Another girl even tried to call the police, but to no avail.

  I originally thought that after the last time I moved, I was finally promoted to be the "lucky guy" in Beipiao renting a house.

After graduating in 2019, I dragged two large suitcases to Beijing, 3000 kilometers away from home.

At that time, I chose a long-term rental apartment platform.

For me, a well-decorated room is clean and tidy, well-equipped, and a housekeeper to assist in solving daily room use problems, which can reduce a lot of troubles in living in different places.

  However, what attracts me most is the graduate discount activities launched by the platform. For example, you can sign a contract with a loan platform that you can get no deposit, rent a month, and a monthly cashback of 100 yuan.

At that time, I was joking with my friends. When I graduated from this kind of wool, I didn't huddle. I won't be able to get this treatment for workers.

  After going around for two days, I chose a two-bedroom single room of 10 square meters near Shilibao subway station in Chaoyang District.

The rent will start at the end of July 2019, the contract will be signed for 1 year, and the rent plus service fee will be 3,100 yuan per month.

  The lease is approaching, because I feel that the rent is too high, so I have the idea of ​​moving.

Later, I met Xiaozheng (a pseudonym), my second platform housekeeper.

When he vowed to promise "no intermediary fee" and "no service fee", I was half-believing, feeling that "the wool is on the sheep" and repeatedly checked many details.

  I remember that when Xiaozheng took me to see the house, he said that it was the "most cautious" for girls like us to rent a house alone.

In fact, the platform regulations are like this, everyone is unified, so I don't have to worry about it.

In order to dispel my worries, he also took the initiative to fight for a rental discount for me.

In the end, I signed a contract with him and introduced him to 3 or 4 guests.

In July 2020, I moved to my second nest in Beijing.

  Unexpectedly, after the move, the former rental platform was exposed to funding problems one after another. My friend said that the housekeeping of their house had complained about not being paid.

Later, the situation broke out completely.

During that time, Moments were all tenants who received the notice of "moving within 3 days".

I really have a feeling of "rest left after the disaster" because if I renewed the contract at that time, I would definitely sign it for more than one year, and maybe even use a loan.

I will be the one to be loved in the circle of friends.

  However, now I am also "chosen" by fate.

After experiencing it, I saw the embarrassment of moving in a hurry, and also saw the warmth and coldness of human relations.

  Xiaozheng informed me that it seemed to "evaporate" after moving.

I tried to communicate whether I can extend the time and whether there is any subletting.

In the past, every time he recommended a guest, he would reply in seconds, and he would either not reply or be perfunctory.

On the other hand, the platform asked me to write down a list of "returning the rent due to personal reasons" before it was willing to refund the deposit, and there was no other compensation.

  Is it really my personal reason?

The house manager told us that this is the non-responsibility of both parties to refund. The house is demolished and their losses are even heavier, and we "are not just moving."

  At that time, the next day was a working day, although there were still a lot of things left to deal with, but I couldn't take care of it.

After taking 2 days off, I started looking for houses on various platforms, making appointments for house inspections, and buying moving equipment.

Time is tight, and there is no time to choose a comparison.

After a day of eagerly searching for something that was not suitable, I had to spend intermediary fees to find an empty room in another building in the same community.

The budget is overspend, I think, if you don’t save a bit of moving expenses, you can rent a cart for 20 yuan and pack and transport it by yourself.

  At this time, I met the third agent A Dong (pseudonym), a bold Northeast brother.

Unexpectedly, after he heard about my situation, he called three brothers to help me move.

In this way, the four big guys walked straight into my room, swiftly carrying the boxes and shelves into the elevator, and instructed me to give them all the heavy things, and then use an electric car to help me to my new home.

I keep saying thank you, and they keep giving me a good rest.

  I had already signed the contract at that time, and they didn't need to do this.

This kind of stranger's kindness was really like "timely rain" to me at the time, supporting my exhausted self.

Photo courtesy of interviewees at the moving site

  After cleaning up for a while, night fell quickly.

My friend helped me move the leftover things after get off work, and the trolleys were full again.

After 10 o'clock, the creak of the cart was particularly harsh in the quiet community.

When we were passing the speed bump, a box accidentally knocked over, and the aromatherapy bottle inside was spilled on the ground.

We went to clean up, but the smell of aroma was all over my body, and I couldn't wash it off. It was crying and funny.

  Because the move was too rush, many things did not have time to be counted.

After living in the new home, I remembered that the bacon and specialty products my mother had sent during the Chinese New Year in the refrigerator had not yet been picked up.

When I wanted to go back again, I found that my password could no longer open the door.

The moving notice posted at the door. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

The room that used to live has been demolished. Photo courtesy of interviewee

"The last time I was kicked out was when I was admitted to the micro-business training camp"

  In fact, it is not the first time that I have experienced "moving overnight", but it was an internship period and the impact was not significant.

In the summer of the junior year in the summer of 2018, my classmates and I came to Beijing for internship. After we fancy a room on a short-term rental platform, we chatted privately with the landlord sister.

She is willing to provide us with a three-month rental service with a lower amount than the platform, but she needs to sign an offline contract.

  At that time, the eldest sister was very enthusiastic and basically responsive. Before we met, she became a sister to us, and the group name was changed to "love each other as a family."

We added several layers of "heart-warming" filters to her, and agreed to the above-mentioned offline transaction conditions, although this is expressly prohibited on the platform.

  However, when we arrived at her home with classmates, the filter was broken, and we were all shocked: She never put the photo of the living room on the Internet, and this place was actually a micro-business training center...

  The walls are covered with contrast posters of "weight-loss drugs" (it looks like the difference between before and after beautification), and two massage chairs are placed on the side of the living room, separated by a curtain, and various traditional Chinese medicine products are placed.

The eldest sister said that she was a general agent, and there were many people under her.

  My classmates and I showed awkward and polite smiles, we struggled a bit, and finally decided to believe her.

Every time I think about it, I feel that we were very "silly and sweet" at the time. Even the rental agreement was just a handwritten receipt, but the deposit was almost never returned.

People may suffer from inexperienced losses more or less.

  Contradictions soon appeared.

Because our internship does not need to take classes.

And almost three days a week, more than a dozen trainees will come to attend the training at home, draw the curtain, and say that confidentiality is involved and it is not convenient for us to be present.

So, as long as they come later, whether on weekends or workdays, we have to go out.

Chat log provided by interviewees

  In less than two weeks, the eldest sister finally couldn’t stand it. She asked us to move out for various reasons such as not allowing cooking, cutting off hot water, and increasing rent. It was completely different from the attitude at the beginning. I only remembered the sentence "I have already treated you That's good enough, and I'm too young than you."

And because there is no formal contract in hand, we can only compromise.

  Overnight, my classmates and I packed up all our luggage and embarked on the new road of renting a house.

From an intern to a worker, the feeling of being in a hurry due to a sudden move, two years have passed, and it seems that it has only increased.

  Use two experiences of being kicked out to remind everyone that before renting a house, you must be sure (the important thing is said three times) to confirm whether it is a regular house, choose a regular transaction channel, and don’t get lucky, because this is all "Buying mine" for future troubles.

  However, fortunately, in every experience, I met kind-hearted people, and finally the troubles were solved.

If you ask me, is renting in Beijing really that scary?

I think maybe it is.

But "terrible" will also highlight the "valuable", and we can only turn experience into armor if we face it calmly.

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