China News Service, May 3 (Reporter Yin Liqin) Shanghai has become the city with the largest express business volume and express company headquarters in the country.

140,000 “courier brothers”, transit warehouse operators, dispatchers, and other courier industry practitioners run through the streets and alleys of Shanghai, serving thousands of households.

How will the quality of service be improved in this indispensable industry for residents' lives?

  Recently, the Shanghai Express Industry Party Building Alliance was established. 13 leading companies have joined, including China Post, Zhongtong, YTO, Shentong, Yunda, SF, Debang, Uspeed, JD, Best, Suning Logistics, Jitu and Leap.

Every year, an enterprise will become a rotating unit to take the lead in advancing party building alliance tasks, information exchange and resource sharing.

  Among the practitioners in the express delivery industry in Shanghai, many party members play a pioneering role and practice the value of the express delivery industry personnel.

During the outbreak last year, the First People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University was listed as a designated fever clinic.

Starting from February 1, a large number of donated materials and medical procurement materials will flood into the hospital every day.

Wang Xiaoxi, a courier and party member of the Tongzhou branch of SF Express, who is responsible for the delivery of express delivery, delivers 400 to 500 boxes of goods every day. During the peak of Double Eleven last year, his single-day delivery volume was only 180 boxes.

In the end, it lasted 63 days in the front line.

"I'm not afraid it's fake, but someone has to do things. I am a party member, and party members must be on the front line." He said.

  In the future, Shanghai's express delivery industry will also have more benchmarks.

The reporter learned that the Shanghai Express Industry Party Building Alliance will mobilize express companies to participate in the creation of the "Shanghai Postal Express Pioneer" party organization construction demonstration site, promote the establishment of demonstration posts for party members, and carry out the creation of industry civilized units, municipal civilized units, and youth civilized accounts. Appraisal.

  This year, the Shanghai Express Industry Party Building Alliance will strengthen the construction of the courier team from multiple channels such as career development and rights protection.

For example, promote special insurance for express delivery, guarantee labor, wages and vacations, and implement union insurance subsidies.

  At the same time, we promote the development of the industry, such as the projects of "express delivery into the village", "express delivery into the factory" and "express delivery out of the sea".

Standardize the use of terminal facilities such as smart express boxes (letter boxes) and express public service stations.

Carry out green express delivery activities, and promote express delivery outlets to first prohibit the use of non-degradable plastic packaging bags and disposable plastic woven bags.

  "Small parcels can also serve the people's livelihood and promote development." Zhou Zhijun, deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Construction and Transportation Party Committee, said that as an emerging industry closely related to the lives of urban residents, party building in the express delivery industry has become a new focus of grassroots party building in the new era. Leading by party building, express delivery companies should establish a sense of unity and collaboration, give full play to the role of the party organization as a bridge, and jointly grasp development opportunities, improve service levels, care for express delivery brothers, establish new trends in the industry, and promote high-quality development of the express industry. (Finish)