Onkyo, an audio maker that is expected to be delisted due to poor management, has announced that it is proceeding with discussions to sell its mainstay "home AV business" such as speakers and amplifiers to Sharp and others.

Onkyo, which is headquartered in Osaka, is in a slump and cannot resolve its insolvency in the business outlook for the fiscal year ending March 31, and is expected to be delisted at the end of July based on the standards of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. I have announced that.

On the 30th, the company announced that it is in talks to sell the home AV business, which handles speakers and amplifiers, which account for about half of the group's total sales.

The two companies that are in talks are Sharp and VOXX, which manufactures and sells audio in the United States, and are planning to keep the "ONKYO" brand.

In the future, we will discuss the sale price and conditions, and hope to formally conclude a contract with the two companies by the 20th of next month.

Onkyo has a cooperative relationship with Sharp, such as jointly operating a factory in Malaysia.

After selling the business, the company intends to focus on OEM production of speakers for PCs and TVs of other companies.