Author Xia Bin

  The central bank, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the foreign exchange bureau and other financial management departments have once again joined forces.

  Today we interviewed 13 online platform companies engaged in financial business, and only 17 days have passed since the last interview with Ant Group.

  The financial supervisory authorities acted quickly and frequently. The China News Agency is a through train to show you the unchanging core behind the two interviews.

One: The main thrust of normative development remains unchanged

  The development of platform companies has reached a critical period, and the ills accumulated over the years of barbaric growth must be "examined and cured" now.

  As early as the 2020 Central Economic Work Conference, "strengthening anti-monopoly and preventing the disorderly expansion of capital" was identified as the key task of China's economic work this year, and emphasized that financial innovation must be carried out under the premise of prudential supervision.

  At the recently held ninth meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Committee, the issue of promoting the healthy development of the platform economy was once again listed as an important topic.

  "At present, the rapid development of financial technology and financial innovation must handle the relationship between financial development, financial stability and financial security." The Financial Stability and Development Committee of the State Council has also stated that it must supervise market entities' operations in compliance with laws and regulations, comply with regulatory rules, and improve corporate governance. ,Social Responsibility.

  Platform companies engaged in financial business are particularly concerned. Their violations not only involve ordinary consumers, but may even affect financial security. In the two interviews in April, the core intention of the supervisory authority was consistent and strengthened the supervision of the financial business of platform enterprises. , To promote its standardized and healthy development.

2: Strict and fair supervision remains unchanged

  Strict supervision and fair supervision, these two words are very eye-catching in today's press release.

  The rectification requirements are full of the word "strict": all financial activities are included in financial supervision, "zero tolerance" for various illegal financial activities, and resolutely maintaining the order of fair competition in the financial market.

  Strictly "calling out" and recording "combined punches" of supervision over and over again, all demonstrate the determination to tighten the "fence" of supervision and fully embody the fair principle of "equal treatment".

  The policy of strict supervision is not only aimed at the Ant Group, and the problems of the Ant Group are definitely not an exception. Many platform companies have irregularities to varying degrees behind the rapid expansion of platform companies.

  For example, engaging in financial business activities, payment business-related credit consumption and other financial products without permission or exceeding the scope of permission, failing to conduct personal credit investigation business through a legally established credit investigation agency, inadequate risk isolation measures when conducting multiple types of financial business, and Internet Businesses such as deposits and loans and Internet insurance have not met the requirements of prudential supervision, and the irregular collection and use of personal information has seriously damaged the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

  Looking closely at the 13 platform companies that participated in the interview, the common characteristics are obvious: comprehensive management, large scale, strong industry influence, and exposed problems are also more common and typical.

Like the interviews with Ant Group, the supervisory authority should hope to demonstrate the standard operation of the entire industry through interviews with these leading companies.

  In other words, other platform companies involved in financial business are not without problems. They should act now, look in the mirror, look for deficiencies, self-inspection, self-inspection, and rectification, and don’t think about "watching the fire across the bank" or even "taking advantage of the fire "To seize a share in the market, strict and fair supervision will be implemented on every company.

Three: Continue to follow up and rectify the same

  Whether it is the rectification plan already in place by the Ant Group or the rectification requirements put forward by the regulatory authorities on the 13 online platform companies this time, it is the "first step in the long march". How to implement it without any water and compromise is the key .

  The financial management department has made it clear that it will maintain close communication with online platform companies, fully listen to opinions and suggestions, and will conduct inspections on rectification in a timely manner. If rectification is not in place or against the wind, it will be strictly investigated and dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations.

  For the supervisory authorities, the rectification requirements will obviously not be “mentioned”. It is expected that there will be “back-hands” in reviewing the rectification plan, evaluating the rectification effect, and making suggestions in a timely manner.

  For platform companies, it should be understood that getting the rectification requirements is not the "end point". Only when the rectification requirements are met, and the rectifications are promoted on time and quality are "starting on the road."

It should be noted that in this process, platform companies should ensure that they are stable and orderly without secondary risks, and they should also discover new problems and situations in a timely manner, so as to ensure business compliance and “no dead ends” for risk investigation. .

Four: Persist in encouraging innovation to remain unchanged

  Only with supervision and escort can the industry achieve healthy development, and only when supervision is in place can innovation be on the "right path".

  The two joint interviews pointed out problems, and at the same time put forward requirements and directions for future development, and "innovation" always occupies an important position among them.

  Prior to this, the supervisory authorities put forward the hope of keeping integrity, innovation, stability and long-term development, and encouraged them to increase financial technology innovation and enhance their international competitiveness in the field of financial technology.

  In this interview, we also reiterated the need to firmly adhere to the "two unshakable" in order to stimulate the vitality of market players and technological innovation capabilities, promote platform companies to continuously improve their financial service experience, and consolidate and enhance international competitiveness.

  The attitude of the regulatory authorities to encourage innovation has never changed, and innovations that are beneficial to the national economy, people's livelihood, and social development have always been welcomed.

Legal and compliant innovation is a "booster" for enterprises to strengthen their competitiveness, and private entrepreneurs can also take "reassurance."

Innovation and supervision are not "life or death". Only innovation and supervision can go further, and supervision and innovation can keep pace with the times.

Five: stick to the financial roots unchanged

  Finance will not change its core because of the cloak of technology, nor can it be separated from its roots simply because of its integration with platform companies.

  Finance is the bloodline of the real economy, and serving the real economy is the bounden duty of finance.

The two interviews before and after have sent the same signal that platform companies should focus on serving the real economy and preventing financial risks in conducting financial business, and should rationally use new technologies to comprehensively improve the efficiency and level of financial services to the real economy, rather than on the platform Accelerate the elimination of reality and the accumulation of risks.

  In addition to the real economy, satisfying the diverse and reasonable needs of the people and protecting the legal rights and interests of financial consumers are also due to the return of finance to its origins.

  For any company, consumers are "voting with their feet." What the company pursues in market competition should be to win the hearts of consumers.

  The unchanging core was continued in the two interviews. The financial management department has such requirements that online platform companies must establish a service awareness centered on the protection of consumer rights and interests, and the satisfaction of the people is the goal. During the self-examination and rectification period, they must Maintain normal business operations and business continuity.

  In addition, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers is even more eye-catching in today's press release-strengthening financial consumer protection mechanisms, naming and regulating personal information collection and use, marketing and publicity behaviors, etc.

These requirements are truly in place, and each user's "sense of security" on the mobile Internet will be a little bit more in the future.