New car sales in April had not yet returned to pre-corona levels.

Last month, 23,846 new passenger cars were sold, according to figures from BOVAG, RDC and RAI Association on Monday.

This amounts to a minus of 27 percent compared to April 2019, when there was no question of a corona pandemic yet.

Compared to April 2020, there was an increase last month.

This is an increase of no less than 55.6 percent.

Last year, the showrooms were closed in April, while they were open this year.

Moreover, car production was halted at the time.

That meant that only 15,322 new cars were sold in April 2020.

The showrooms were opened last month, but contact-limiting measures were in place.

For example, customers could only go there for most of the month if they made an appointment.

In addition, a limited number of customers could be in a store at the same time.

Nevertheless, the figures were considerably better than in April last year.

The five most popular brands in April:

  • 1. KIA (2,680 units, 11.2 percent market share)

  • 2. Volkswagen (2,093 units, 8.8 percent)

  • 3. Peugeot (1,766 units, 7.4 percent)

  • 4. Toyota (1,686 units, 7.1 percent)

  • 5. SKODA (1,435 units, 6 percent)

Fewer cars sold in the first four months of the year

In the first four months of this year, 104,497 new passenger cars have been sold so far, 11.7 percent less than in the first four months of last year.

This is mainly because in the first two months of 2020 there were no contact-restricting measures in force.

In addition, the consequences of the corona virus were still limited in the first part of March.

The most popular models in April:

  • 1. KIA Niro (888 units, 3.7 percent market share)

  • 2. KIA Picanto (837 units, 3.5 percent)

  • 3. Volvo XC40 (816 units, 3.4 percent)

  • 4. Toyota Yaris (534 units, 2.2 percent)

  • 5. Peugeot 208 (506 units, 2.1 percent)