Wang Lin, the former deputy director of the Labor Relations Department of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, experienced the feeling of being a takeaway rider for one day. He only made 41 yuan after delivering the order for 12 hours, which made him feel tired and paralyzed that the money was too bad. earn.

Recently, this matter has attracted great attention from all walks of life. Meituan and have made formal responses on April 29, making it clear that they have gradually cancelled the punishment of Cavaliers and will continue to work hard to improve the experience of Cavaliers. The Knight App has also been upgraded.

Meituan responded:

Launch the "Same Boat Project" to enhance experience and sense of gain

  On April 29, Meituan officially responded to this and stated that it had launched the "Same Boat Plan" to help the Cavaliers in several directions including job security, experience improvement, career development, and life care.

At the same time, Meituan also admitted that these are not enough. They will continue to work hard to improve the rider experience and help more riders have a sense of gain and happiness.

  Meituan said that since the Spring Festival this year, in order to listen to the rider's feedback and suggestions, and improve the rider experience and ecology, it has held 22 rounds of listening to the rider's voice, of which 19 riders' suggestions have entered the improvement process.

  For example, some knights reported that some orders need to cross viaducts and rivers, which will lead to problems such as longer distances for actual meal pickup, greater difficulty in delivery, and insufficient delivery time.

In this regard, the Meituan technical team has collected information on natural barriers such as viaducts and rivers in major cities across the country, and connected it in the route planning to provide a more realistic delivery time forecast in order to improve the rider’s delivery experience.

  "Knight experience and ecological construction are the top priorities of our current work. Since the Spring Festival this year, 120 knights across the country have become "product experience officers."

"The relevant person in charge of Meituan said: "In the latest Rider App upgrade, many suggestions from the experience officer have been incorporated into the improvement process.


  On May 1st this year, the "One Boat Plan" will also launch a "Webmaster Training Program" for the career development of knights, and the "Kangaroo Baby Charity Program" will also add two rights for knights, "Green Channel for Appeal and Review" and "Baby Companion Day".

  Specifically, Meituan Takeaway will open a green channel for quick response to family knight complaints of "Kangaroo Baby", and conduct quick complaints and review for knights’ overtime and bad reviews due to child care and other reasons, so that knights will be exempted from punishment for special reasons; On the one hand, Meituan Takeaway will provide flexible scheduling based on the actual situation of the rider. At the same time, in addition to the fixed monthly rest time, an additional day of "baby companion day" will be provided to the parents of "baby kangaroo" without affecting the rider's fullness. Issuance of attendance awards.

  "Of course, we know that these are not enough, we will continue to work hard to improve the rider experience, to help more riders get a greater sense of gain and happiness." The relevant person in charge of Meituan said.

Are you hungry?

Penalties for Cavaliers have been phased out

  In response to Wang Lin, deputy director of the Labor Relations Department of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, experiencing the work of a takeaway boy, officially responded on April 29, saying that is sincerely listening to the experience of the Cavaliers and making continuous improvements. will continue to invest more this year to expand the scope and strength of the Cavaliers group protection.

  "We have increased the payment limit of the Blue Knight Care Fund, which can share scenarios that cannot be covered by general insurance, such as family emergency assistance, children’s education assistance, accident pensions, etc., for special circumstances such as extreme weather. The distribution of caring materials will also be increased." The relevant person in charge of said.

  According to reports, as May 1st Labor Day approaches, is distributing holiday packages to eligible knights. In the future, seasonal care materials such as summer and winter will also be more abundant.

When abnormal weather such as sand, dust and typhoons arrive,’s protective materials will also cover more riders. has been continuously optimizing its ecological service methods for knights. As of now, has gradually cancelled the penalty for knights, and changed it to a certain period of time rate assessment, to guide knights to pay attention to safety and not excessively pursue timeliness. . explained that the so-called one-by-one punishment means that the rider may be punished if there is a problem with one single in the past. At present, it has basically been changed to a certain range of results such as monthly assessment, which is relatively more reasonable and scientific.

  In addition, also provides flexible overtime for abnormal delivery scenarios, such as elevator congestion and customers not being able to contact.

The Cavaliers Appeal Express will provide 7*24 hours service to help the Cavaliers solve problems faster and deal with various abnormal disputes.

  This year, will hold 70 offline seminars to listen to the voices of knights across the country, discover knights' pain points, and continue to optimize and improve service capabilities.

expert's point:

The platform can appropriately increase the income per order and moderately reduce the penalty standard

Let riders enter social security to improve labor protection level

  On April 29, Professor Yang Yansui, director of the Employment and Social Security Research Center of Tsinghua University, told reporters that the country should support the new business format. At the same time, the relevant departments should determine as soon as possible whether the labor relationship of takeaways, express delivery and other knights is an employment or a cooperative relationship, and strive to introduce an adaptation to this One industry’s low rates of social security will bring online delivery personnel into my country’s social security system as soon as possible.

She said that the platform should also take more humane measures to appropriately increase the income level of the Cavaliers and appropriately reduce the punishment.

  "I understand that the relevant departments are seeking opinions from all parties on the related issues of online delivery personnel, comprehensively considering how to promote the economic development of the platform, while better safeguarding the rights and interests of online delivery personnel." Yang Yansui said.

  “The platform economy where online delivery personnel are located is a typical labor-intensive industry. Some previous measures to formalize food delivery knights in foreign countries have not been successful.” Yang Yansui said: “At present, the'home economy' and'net society' are basically As it takes shape, my country should take into account the interests of both parties and be led by relevant departments. For example, at a social security rate of about 1/3 of ordinary employees, the pilot will include online delivery personnel in the social security system to provide them with better labor protection."

  Wang Lin, deputy director of the Labor Relations Department of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, found that 60% of his income would be deducted when he was experiencing food delivery.

In this regard, Yang Yansui also said that the platform should be more humane in the future, and while appropriately increasing the Cavaliers’ income per order, consideration should also be given to whether the penalty standard can be appropriately lowered.

  Reporter's observation:

  Government and enterprise co-governance can realize the rational distribution of income

  According to data previously released by Meituan and, their Cavaliers have reached millions of people.

If the income is really very small, it is clear that millions of people will not flow into this industry.

  Right now, every day, a famous yellow and blue knight rushes around on the road. They have long been integrated into the lives of urban residents, and they are also staged inspiring stories of ordinary people.

  In fact, on April 27th, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions awarded Blue Knight Song Zengguang the "National May Day Labor Medal", and he became the first takeaway knight to receive this honor.

And this also shows that the new business format is gaining national affirmation.

  No platform is perfect as soon as it is launched. The takeaway platform does bring more jobs and income opportunities for the riders, making people realize that there is a reward for their efforts.

  The development of new business formats requires a certain process, but for the takeaway industry where the employment is not sufficiently regulated, the platform still has many links that urgently need to be accelerated in terms of labor rights, labor security, social security or commercial insurance.

  Recently, news broke that actor Zheng Shuang was suspected of signing "yin and yang contracts", splitting his income to obtain "expensive pay", and tax evasion. The Shanghai Taxation Bureau and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio, Film and Television have launched relevant investigations.

  Relying on the pouting and glaring acting skills, it is rumored that Zheng Shuang's daily salary when filming has already exceeded one million yuan.

For the takeaway courier guys who are greedy for the dark, they are still running "marathons" one after another on the road every day for a monthly salary of over 10,000.

  For relevant departments and responsible enterprises, how can they work together to achieve a more rational distribution of income, narrow the income distribution gap between urban and rural areas, regions and industries, and gradually reverse the trend of expanding income distribution gaps among some industries. A "super problem" to be solved.

  Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Zhao Peng