Many employees who now work from home want to do a great deal of work from home even after the pandemic.

They want to go to the office for collaboration, to meet and socialize, but prefer to work from home when they need to concentrate.

This is evident from a survey conducted by the TNO knowledge institute among nearly ten thousand workers.

Almost one in four employees who now work from home wants to continue to do so largely or completely.

Half of the home workers want a mix of working from home and on location.

Less travel time and better productivity are important reasons for wanting to keep working from home.

Some of the respondents want to return to the office because they think it is better for their career.

According to the survey, in March 2021, more than half of the employees worked entirely on location and 14 percent combined working from home with working 'at the office'.

The other 35 percent worked entirely from home.

By the way, working from home is not an option at all for more than half of the employees (51 percent), because the work does not allow it.

More than one in three (35 percent) works completely at home.

The other 14 percent combines home and office.

Of workers who always work on location, almost one in six (16 percent) say they are afraid of a corona infection at work. They indicate in the study that it is difficult to keep distance from, for example, customers, students and patients. The fear of becoming infected is highest in education (31 percent).