Trade union FNV and rail manager ProRail have reached a negotiation result on a new collective labor agreement.

This means that the announced strikes are temporarily off the job, the union reports on Wednesday.

This is good news for train travelers: due to the strikes, there were already delays on the railway on Wednesday and the train traffic is prevented from being completely shut down on Saturday.

In a press release, FNV announced that "the details of the agreement are being finalized".

The details will likely be announced on Thursday.

After that, it is up to the members of FNV Spoor to give the green light about the new employment conditions.

Negotiations between ProRail and the FNV Spoor trade union have been ongoing since October last year.

Points of contention include the wage increase and the term of the collective labor agreement.

After months of negotiations, ProRail made a final offer to the three trade unions concerned at the beginning of March.

FNV Spoor, however, referred the final offer to the wastebasket.

Now it seems that progress has been made.

The disagreement between the two parties led to problems in Dutch train traffic on Wednesday morning; ProRail employees laid down their work between 06:00 and 08:00. The strike led to overcrowded trains in the regions of Utrecht, Amersfoort, Amsterdam and Alkmaar. This sometimes forced commuters to miss a train.