Outlets attributed the diversification and expansion of offers for the "current season" to the increase in imports and the intensity of competition

30% increase in the number of goods covered by Ramadan discounts

  • The supplier companies made the offer items available during the early periods.



Officials in retail outlets stated that the current Ramadan season is witnessing an expansion in the categories of products covered by the sale offers, with a remarkable increase in the number of goods included in the offers by 30% compared to the previous season.

They explained to "Emirates Today", that this increase is due to the expansion of supply companies in importing from different countries of origin, in addition to direct import operations by some outlets, as well as the intensity of competition, which stimulated a number of stores to increase the goods covered by the offers to stimulate sales and obtain This was reflected in the diversity and expansion of the offers to include electronic devices, clothes and shoes, compared to last year's offers, which focused mostly on food commodities.

Great expansion

In detail, the General Director of the Emirates Cooperative Society, Mohamed Youssef Al-Khaja, said that the association has expanded significantly in the categories of offers offered within the Ramadan discounts campaigns during the current season compared to last year, in addition to the increase in the number of goods included in the offers by 30% compared to the previous season.

He explained that this is due to the early preparation for the current Ramadan season, and the reliance on various sources to supply goods, especially with the flow of supply compared to last year, in addition to the direct import of the Association of a number of goods of various categories, which it presented through discounts offers.


For his part, the spokesperson for the Aswaaq Group Centers affiliated to the Government Investment Corporation of Dubai, Abdul Hamid Al-Khashabi, said that the number of goods included in the offers of discounts during the current Ramadan season has witnessed an increase in the group's outlets by an estimated 30% compared to the previous season.

He explained that the increase in the number of goods covered by the offer during this season is due to the high competition that made a large number of sales outlets expand their offers, in addition to competition between the supply companies and their expansion in offering different offers of sales to stimulate their sales.


In turn, the CEO of the Union Coop, Khaled Hamid bin Theban Al Falasi, said that there is an increase in the number of goods covered by the Ramadan discounts offers in the various branches of the "cooperative" during the current season, by about 25% compared to the previous Ramadan season, explaining that there is a difference in circumstances. Supply and competition in the market compared to the last Ramadan season.


For his part, Director of Community Relations and Public Relations at the Sharjah Cooperative, Faisal Khalid Al-Naboodah, stated that the goods offered in the discounts offers during the current Ramadan season in all branches of the "cooperative" exceeded last year the goods included in rates of more than 25%, and that with the expansion of « The cooperative »in the field of bidding, and the supplier companies are directing to provide the goods of the offer during early periods, with the flow of supplies in greater proportions than the previous Ramadan season.


In the same context, the director of corporate communication at Lulu Group International, Nanda Kumar, confirmed that there is an expansion by the group in the number of goods included in the current Ramadan offers, by more than 30% compared to last year.

He said that the offers during the current Ramadan season are more expanding and diversified, as they included a number of electronic goods, clothes and shoes, noting that the focus is not only on food or Ramadan commodities compared to previous seasons, with the increase in competition between stores that led to more offers. That suits consumers.


Retail expert Ibrahim Al-Bahr said that the markets are witnessing during the current Ramadan season, signs of expansion in the offers offered in sales outlets, compared to previous seasons.

He explained that the expansion and the increase in reductions are due to several factors, the most prominent of which is the increase in competition between outlets in obtaining market shares greater than sales during the season, in addition to the desire of supply companies to benefit from the Ramadan season by disposing of more stocks of goods that were imported at great rates during the periods. The previous year, as well as relying on a number of outlets to expand offers to stimulate sales in light of the pandemic variables.

This Ramadan offers included, in addition to food products, electronic goods and clothes.

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