76 percent of the catering companies can no longer meet all their payment obligations and are on the brink of collapse.

30 percent of small businesses are currently technically bankrupt.

This is evident from the Small Business Index of the ONL business organization in collaboration with the lender Qredits and the Hogeschool Utrecht.

Pubs and restaurants may again receive guests on their terrace on Wednesday, but for many this is more than welcome.

Only 24 percent of catering entrepreneurs can currently still pay all their bills.

For the entire small business, companies with fewer than ten employees, this is about 54 percent.

Business services are in the best position.

The results lead to more stress for entrepreneurs and less innovation.

The stress level grew from 52 to 56 percent between the fourth quarter of last year and the first quarter of this year.

The so-called innovation rate fell by 11 percentage points to 23 percent in the same period.

The money for investments is running out and starters in particular are losing their lead due to the forced closures.

Organizations want more government support

That is why the organizations argue for more government support.

"Direct income support and venture capital - subordinated loans, for example - seem necessary to prevent a significant increase in bankruptcies," the report said.

They also propose to expand the self-employed support Tozo without the so-called partner test.

At the moment, the level of support takes into account the income of the partner and the ONL and Qredits would prefer to see this differently.

"It will be necessary to act quickly, before the summer. The indexes indicate a rapid decline in the viability of affected companies," he said.

But there is also good news. Business confidence is growing from negative to neutral. SMEs are slightly more positive now that plans for a step-by-step reopening are on the table. Turnover is also increasing. 44 percent of small businesses now have a turnover of more than 5,000 euros per month. In the fourth quarter this was only 28 percent. Finally, 37 percent has a net margin of 21 percent, compared to only 30 percent in the previous survey.