Make good use of new farm tools and do new farm work (micro-economy)

  As more and more agricultural products enter the live broadcast room, live broadcast has become a new farm work, and mobile phones have also become new farm tools.

I look forward to more farmers entering the live broadcast room confidently and telling more people about the goodness of their hometown.

  Right now, the fields are busy.

In a busy production scene, there are also people holding a mobile phone and enthusiastically introducing something to the person on the other end of the screen.

These simple folks speak substandard Mandarin, making the earthy agricultural products a favorite of consumers.

  In the past two years, live broadcasts have gained momentum. More and more agricultural products have entered the live broadcast room. Live broadcast has become a new farm work, and mobile phones have also become new farm tools.

These changes have allowed the agricultural products in the mountains to come out, and the eyes outside the mountains have been cast in, so that more farmers have benefited.

  It should be noted that behind the hot live broadcast of agricultural products, there are active participation of cadres with the goods, and there is also traffic support from e-commerce platforms.

In the long run, if the live broadcast of agricultural products is to develop continuously and steadily, from "a gust of wind" to "four seasons", from "selling today" to "selling every day," greater efforts are needed to fully explore the potential of farmers and cultivate endogenous power.

  To do a good job in new farming, we must first solve the problem of talents.

The seemingly simple live broadcast requires not only the personal charm of the anchor, but also the smooth communication of the back-end customer service team.

For those farmers who originally only focused on agricultural production, the acquisition of these capabilities was not an overnight success.

If we can offer anchor training and customer service staff training courses, it will obviously be able to effectively improve their related professional capabilities.

  To do a good job in new farming, we must rely on the power of science and technology.

At the moment when live broadcasts are emerging, the role of e-commerce companies cannot be ignored. How to analyze the live broadcast data and sales data accumulated by platform companies with scientific means, and then feed these market demands back to agricultural production, will undoubtedly help agricultural production and operation.

  To do new farm work well, we must make up for the shortcomings of the industry.

The anchor and the consumer interact across the screen, and the transaction can be concluded in a short time.

"Selling out" is only the first step. To make consumers truly feel that "buy well" and "buy value", the effort is still off the screen.

From scientific packaging and smooth transportation to after-sales guarantee and brand building, these tasks need to be further improved.

  From amateur to professional, from individual case to phenomenon, we look forward to seeing more farmers enter the live broadcast room confidently and tell more people the goodness of their hometown.

  Bai Zhiyu