Chinanews Client Beijing, April 28 (Cheng Chunyu) On the 28th, a report on the construction machinery industry list released in Beijing showed that due to factors such as the epidemic, the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers’ sales in 2020 will Compared with the previous year, it fell slightly by 2.87% to US$191.582 billion.

  The report pointed out that, from a national perspective, the sales of 11 Chinese construction machinery manufacturers on the list were US$50.733 billion, an increase of 40.03% over the previous year; sales accounted for 26.48%.

In terms of sales, the total amount of Chinese companies on the list surpassed that of American companies, rising from the world's third to the world's first; in terms of sales growth, China also ranked first among 13 countries.

American companies on the list have sales of 42.021 billion US dollars, accounting for 21.93%, ranking second; Japanese companies have sales of 39.898 billion US dollars, accounting for 20.83%, ranking third.

The report conference site.

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  The report, entitled "2021 Global Top 50 Construction Machinery Manufacturers List", was hosted and published by the Organizing Committee of the Global Top 50 Construction Machinery Summit and the "China Construction Machinery" magazine.

The list shows that the 50 companies selected into the "2021 Global Top 50 Construction Machinery Manufacturers List" come from 13 countries including China, the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden and South Korea.

Among them, China has 11 companies on the list, Japan has 13 companies on the list, and the United States has 7 companies on the list.

  According to the list, the Chinese manufacturer Xugong Group Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has entered the top three in the world. This is the first time that a Chinese brand has entered the top three.

Sany Heavy Industry and Zoomlion ranked 4th and 5th in the world, respectively, and Liugong ranked 15th; China's largest specialized equipment manufacturer, China Railway Construction Heavy Industry, entered the world's top 30, and its operating profit margin ranked among the world the first.

  "The outstanding performance of Chinese construction machinery manufacturers has benefited from China's effective and strong control of the new crown epidemic and the rapid recovery of China's economy." The report stated that in recent years, Chinese construction machinery manufacturers have been innovating in products and technologies. Major breakthroughs have been repeatedly made in the industry, and high-end, large-scale, and intelligent equipment are emerging one after another; these new products not only lead the trend of China and even the global construction machinery industry, but also become the main force in the construction of many major engineering projects.

With the ever-increasing product competitiveness, China's construction machinery and equipment are fully replacing imported products.

  In addition, in the “Top 5 Global Full-face Tunnel Boring Machine Manufacturers” list released for the first time, Chinese brands occupy 4 seats, and only one company is from Germany.

  "In recent years, China's rail transit construction has developed rapidly, and the demand for full-section tunnel boring machines represented by shield machines and TBM (hard rock tunnel boring machines) has grown rapidly." The market share has exceeded 90%, and the global market share is close to 70%; the full-face tunnel boring machine has become another "beautiful" business card of China's equipment manufacturing industry. (Finish)