What is talking is a newly developed and designed educational robot, which is transformed into "Li Qingzhao".

At the scene, this handsome "teacher" in ancient costume attracted many citizens to stop and watch.

She can make movements such as blinking, nodding, and raising hands according to instructions. She can also act as a teacher in the classroom and customize different functions for different scenarios.

  According to reports, the AI ​​robot "Li Qingzhao" has functions such as face recognition and classroom intelligent equipment management.

In addition to language communication, you can also teach you to learn Chinese by recitation of ancient poems, and even help students solve math problems after class.

  As an important part of the summit, the Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition attracted many well-known Internet companies at home and abroad to bring cutting-edge technology to showcase the latest achievements of China's e-government and digital economy development, which really made people feel that "technology changes lives".

(Reporter Wu Shengwei)

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]