To protect against global market fluctuations as a result of the "Covid-19" pandemic

Dubai Customs: The unified Zadi platform supports the food supply chain

The Department confirmed that it continuously supports the UAE’s efforts to achieve food security.

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Dubai Customs confirmed that it continuously supports the efforts of the UAE to achieve food security, as the department strengthened the readiness of its customs centers to meet the country's food needs during the "Covid-19" pandemic, indicating that it is working in cooperation with Dubai Ports and "Dubai Commercial" and in full coordination with the municipality. Dubai aims to facilitate trade in foodstuffs through the unified platform for importing food, to support the food supply chain and protect it from fluctuations in global food markets as a result of the pandemic.

The department explained to "Emirates Today" that "Zadi" is the first platform of its kind in the Middle East to facilitate the import and re-export of food through Dubai ports, and to enhance integration between Dubai Municipality and Dubai Customs.

Facilities and services

She added that the platform provides commerce in general with the best electronic and smart commercial and customs facilities and services available around the clock, which ensure the clearance and arrival of goods and goods to local markets without delay, to ensure their safety and quality, and to meet market needs throughout the year, especially in the seasons that witness peak demand. On some commodities, such as food, the most important of which is the month of Ramadan, by strengthening coordination with all government agencies concerned with food safety, and at the forefront of which is Dubai Municipality, the registration authority that undertakes control measures over the safety of foodstuffs.

Meet the needs

Dubai Customs affirmed that it is keen to meet everything that the food trade needs to meet the needs of consumers during the month of Ramadan, especially in the current stage of the UAE’s success in overcoming the health and economic challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, where food security is gaining increasing importance. In light of the challenges that the pandemic poses to the entire world.

She pointed out that the UAE is distinguished in the field of achieving food security by facing the pandemic, to present a model for all countries of the world to follow in securing the food needs of society, to enable it to face the challenges of "Covid-19" and turn them into opportunities and achievements.


The «Dubai Customs» stated that its centers provide all facilities to traders and companies in the food sector, taking into account the possibility of pre-clearance before the actual arrival of foodstuffs to Dubai, to enable them to meet market requirements.

She indicated that all customs departments, especially the Customs Data Department, the Customer Happiness Department and the Customs Centers, work in constant cooperation and coordination with food merchants to complete their operations quickly and efficiently in order to supply the markets with foodstuffs without delay, taking into account the health and environmental conditions that ensure food safety through Examined by the competent authority in Dubai Municipality.

She indicated that customs transactions for food shipments are completed as soon as possible to ensure that they arrive directly at the prepared warehouses to avoid spoilage, especially since there are many perishable foodstuffs if they do not remain stored in refrigerators and prepared warehouses. And great speed.

An increase in demand

Dubai Customs reported that the month of Ramadan is witnessing an increase in demand for foodstuffs. Therefore, during the fasting month, merchants race to work on preparing and supplying the markets with all the food that consumers demand throughout Ramadan and the days of Eid.

And she continued: “Therefore, increasing the rates of goods and commodities is an expected thing, and we have all the readiness and readiness for this through the existence and application of best practices to support trade facilitation, such as the approved economic operator program and the virtual corridor. One of the great capabilities that the department has equipped to facilitate the movement of trade through the development and use of the latest smart applications of information technology and artificial intelligence in the completion of all customs operations, as well as the use of radiation detection devices in order to raise the security efficiency ».

Most wanted food items

Dubai Customs explained that the foodstuffs that are in high demand during the month of Ramadan vary to include dates, meat, vegetables, sugar, rice, flour, nuts, milk, milk, bottled water, juices and sweets.

She added that the customs centers work to achieve all the protection requirements for the health, safety and food security of society, while enabling food traders to meet the needs of the markets with high efficiency so that they can obtain real added value that enhances their ability to take advantage of the unique competitive advantages that the Emirate of Dubai provides to the global trade movement.

She indicated that Dubai's foreign trade in foodstuffs includes most of the regional and international markets, depending on the type of these materials, which include agricultural and animal products and other foods of all kinds, including grains, canned goods and frozen materials.

Trade value

The Dubai Customs Department stated that the value of Dubai's foreign trade in foodstuffs, during the past year, amounted to about 52 billion dirhams, distributed to imports worth 34.7 billion dirhams, exports worth 10 billion dirhams, and re-exports worth 7.3 billion dirhams, while the amount of food trade amounted to about 17 million tons were divided into imports of 12.5 million tons, exports of 3.1 million tons, and re-exports of 1.3 million tons.

• The platform provides electronic and smart customs facilities and services around the clock.

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