Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, April 23. On the 23rd, according to the China Foreign Exchange Trading Center, the central parity of RMB against the US dollar was quoted at 6.4934, a decrease of 32 basis points.

This week, the central parity of the RMB against the US dollar showed a pattern of "four ups and one down", with a cumulative increase of 354 basis points

 Source: China Foreign Exchange Trading Center website

  The U.S. dollar index rose on the 22nd. As of late New York trading, the U.S. dollar index, which measures the U.S. dollar against six major currencies, rose 0.20% to 91.3389.

  The loan market quote rate (LPR) announced on April 20 is: 1-year LPR is 3.85%, and 5-year or more LPR is 4.65%.

The chief researcher of China Minsheng Bank believes that LPR remains unchanged and in line with market expectations.

This is unchanged for 12 consecutive months since May 2020.

The LPR remains unchanged, in keeping with the overall economic recovery process.

There is a high probability that the policy rate will remain unchanged in the future, and the LPR will remain stable.

  On the 12th, Sun Guofeng, Director of the Monetary Policy Department of the Central Bank, stated at a press conference that in the next step, my country’s monetary policy will be based on me, adhere to the normal monetary policy, take the lead, maintain concentration, and cherish the normal monetary policy space. , Pay close attention to the changes in the international economic and financial situation, enhance the flexibility of the RMB exchange rate, focus on China to carry out international macro policy coordination, and maintain a global leadership in macro policy.

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