There are more than 9,000 cryptocurrencies in the world, and they continue to exist today. This is because anyone can make it easily, and our financial authorities drew a line saying that these virtual assets are not a target to protect.

This is reporter Jeong Da-eun.


Anyone can easily create virtual currency based on blockchain technology.

This is because it is easy to follow with the source code, which is the blueprint of the existing cryptocurrency.

I made my own cryptocurrency with an expert.

Name the cryptocurrency, write down the number of issuances, and enter the address of the cryptocurrency wallet you want to send.

[Kim Hyung-joong/Korea University Graduate School of Information Security Special Professor: To secure trust, everything was disclosed, and then people take the public information and make coins again.]

So, there are many cases of abuse.

[Minwoo Koo/Blockchain Security Company Branch Manager: When purchasing a small altcoin, people are gathered in multiple stages to provide interest, and they often do so-called'spoilage' with the principal.]

Report to a blockchain security company for the past year The number of damaged cryptocurrencies reached 501, and the amount of damage exceeded 110 billion won.

Nevertheless, on domestic exchanges, over 90% of cryptocurrencies other than'altcoins' are being traded instead of verified cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Finance Commissioner Eun Seong-soo repeatedly regulated virtual currency as a currency that cannot be recognized because it has no intrinsic value, and said that the government cannot protect all those who have invested in virtual assets.