Topman Jitse Groen of meal delivery company Just Eat Takeaway, known from, has baked pastries on Twitter on Wednesday with CEO Dara Khosrowshahi of competitor Uber.

The two were verbally in each other's hair after Uber announced in an interview in the British business newspaper

Financial Times

that it would be active in Germany with meal delivery service Uber Eats.

Just Eat Takeaway is the largest party there.

Groen accused his competitor of having announced his plans through the newspaper to push down the Just Eat Takeaway stock price.

Groen implied that Uber uses that tactic more often.

Khosrowshahi responded to Groen's tweet with the villainous advice to pay less attention to the stock price in the short term and to pay more attention to the technology and operations of his company.

In turn, Groen decided to give the Uber boss some advice as well.

"Otherwise, pay tax first, give your delivery drivers minimum wages, and pay social security contributions before you start advising a founder on how to run his business."

@dkhos Thank you for the advice, and then if I may .. Start paying taxes, minimum wage and social security premiums before giving a founder advice on how he should run his business.


Avatar Author jitsegroenMoment of places14: 46 - April 21, 2021

He is referring, among other things, to the lawsuit that was pending in the United Kingdom against Uber, in which the company was accused of paying its drivers too little.

Uber lost this case two months ago.

Uber and Just Eat Takeaway already met before, when they both tried to acquire American industry peer GrubHub.

Just Eat Takeaway won that battle and is therefore also active in the United States.

Spokespersons for both companies declined to comment on the Twitter feud.