The travel industry expects to say goodbye to the 'orange world' on 15 May.

At the beginning of May, it is announced that negative travel advice no longer applies to all countries, travel umbrella ANVR is firmly convinced.

Then countries can be assessed separately again and the yellow spots - for countries where you can safely go - must become a large yellow spot again.

"At the next press conference we will hear what will happen after 15 May. Until then, traveling abroad is not recommended," says director Frank Oostdam of the ANVR in conversation with

According to him, it has become clear from the discussions that the industry is conducting with the government that the return to travel advice per country is imminent.

The travel industry does not necessarily think that the terraces will open again and that shopping can be done without an appointment in a week's time.

Because the question is whether Spain will want us if the government allows us to go to that country.

"In that sense, we would have preferred that we all had a little bit more effort until the contamination figures are lower and all sectors can benefit immediately."

The ANVR also hopes that the Dutch travel advice will turn yellow one by one.

"Based on the actual situation in that country. Iceland and Portugal could be options," says Oostdam.

"There won't be many at first, but it will become more and more."

He hopes that the increasing number of vaccinations in the Netherlands will open up the borders of other countries for us.

'Once it can, there will be a run'

For the time being, bookings are still limited.

"People are reluctant. We are already seeing that bookings for after the summer are picking up and we also expect some catching up."

The ANVR thinks that massive bookings will be made in the Netherlands once the signals are green - or in this case yellow.

That also happened in England.

"Then there will be a real run. Because people are very excited. We have saved a lot and cannot spend everything on the terrace."

Given the uncertainties, consumers also want to be able to cancel trips.

"The tour operators are also responding to this", says the ANVR director.

"99 percent offers flexibility."

People also look for security by going on holiday in the Netherlands for the time being. "Tour operators are also responding to this, but that is really something that has to do with the corona crisis." Especially for the May holidays and partly for the summer holidays, the Netherlands is the holiday destination. “As soon as possible, people will cross the border again, that urge is there.