The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan in March is the same as last year because the entry of foreigners has been totally restricted except for special circumstances since the second state of emergency was declared. It has decreased by 93.6% compared to the month, and the record decline continues.

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, the number of foreign tourists who visited Japan last month was estimated to be 12,300, a decrease of 93.6% from the same month last year, and the number has continued to decline.

This is because after the government issued a second state of emergency in January, measures were taken to stop the traffic of business people to 11 countries and regions, and foreigners could enter Japan. This is because it is totally restricted except for special circumstances.

By country or region,

▽ China has 4000 people,

▽ South Korea has 2000 people,

▽ India has 700 people, and

▽ Taiwan and the United States have 600 people.

In Japan, the outbreak of the new coronavirus continues to spread, with the government requesting the government to declare a state of emergency for the third time, and the recovery of foreign tourists remains uncertain.