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is easy to see advertisements that reorganize my insurance according to the changed financial condition or life cycle.

Reporter Jeong Da-eun explains.


Housewife, Mr. Kim Mo, saw an advertisement from an insurance agency that remodels his insurance, and changed three existing insurances, including cancer insurance, to other insurance.

The new insurance premium was slightly reduced, but the amount of refund received from canceling the existing insurance was extremely small, resulting in a greater loss.

[Kim/Insurance Remodeling Victim: When an expert explained that way, I thought,'Oh, there's something I was missing,' so I changed it. The loss of money is more than 10 million won.]

There are many cases where it is recommended to change insurance by writing the expression remodeling or redesigning, but it may be more profitable than profit.

If you change insurance, you will pay twice the'business cost' that the insurance company takes as operating expenses when you sign up.

In addition, you should consider increasing your premiums as you get older, and see if your premium total doesn't increase.

You should also look into whether the coverage is maintained.

You need to make sure that what was covered by the old insurance policy is not missing or reduced by the new insurance because you are older or the disease history has been added.

It is also known as the expected rate of return or expected rate that an insurer can obtain by rolling customer premiums, which is inversely proportional to premiums.

If the planned interest rate is high, the insurance premium is cheaper, and if it is low, the insurance premium is expensive. If the estimated interest rate for the insurance to be changed is lower than that of the existing insurance, it is not recommended to change it.

[Kim Hong-gun/Deputy Director, Life Insurance Civil Service Team, Financial Supervisory Service: Insurance payments borne by policyholders are on the rise. At this point, life insurance remodeling is by no means in favor of consumers.]

Financial authorities cautioned that it could be a trick to induce sales if the insurance company only mentions the benefits of changing insurance, such as subsidizing some of the premiums. .

(Video coverage: Oh Young-chun, video editing: Ha Seong-won, CG: Kim Jung-eun)