Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki and Minister of Strategy and Finance today (21st) said, "The amount of pre-subscription for 30,000 units, including the 3rd new town, which will be implemented from July will be confirmed and announced by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in the middle of today.

Deputy Prime Minister Hong made this statement by holding a meeting of ministers concerned with real estate market inspection at the Seoul Government Building today and announcing follow-up measures for the 2·4 housing supply measure.

He also said, "We plan to speedily proceed with the follow-up process, such as the announcement of additional new housing sites at the end of this month, the announcement of small-scale housing sites for mixed new and old housing areas at the beginning of next month, and an integrated public offering for private proposals for vulnerable residential areas in next month."

In addition, he said, "After July, pre-subscription for the 3rd new town, etc. will be initiated, and the 2nd and 4th countermeasures projected districts will be designated in earnest, and we are expecting a wider range of people's feelings about housing supply measures." .

He emphasized that "in the future, the government will continue to carry out follow-up measures for housing supply according to the housing supply plan and schedule that has already been announced."

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Hong said, "Since the announcement of the 2nd and 4th measures, a total of 432 business proposals have been received so far, and the interest and response of local governments and the private sector is very high."

He said, “In the case of urban public complex projects, we have announced a total of 34 candidates for a leading project with a total of 38,000 units, and among them, Jeungsan 4, Susaek 14, Eunpyeong-gu,Some areas, such as Ssangmun in Dobong-gu, have already met the requirements for designation of the planned district with the consent of 10% of the residents.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)