Not long ago, the police in Handan, Hebei, uncovered a case of illegal theft of personal information. In order to earn extra income, employees of a courier company leased their company’s personal account to criminals. Criminals illegally logged into the express company’s internal system to obtain customer personal information. Resell this information to overseas fraudsters for precision fraud.

  Not long ago, a courier company in Handan, Hebei Province, detected an abnormal login of its employee number and called the police.

The police discovered that after a work number named Yongnian logged in from another place, they searched more than 8,000 pieces of information, and the police quickly found the courier.

  Yang Xinpeng, instructor of the Anti-fraud Center of the Public Security Bureau of Yongnian District, Handan City, Hebei: The employee also mentioned a simple situation, saying that two young people came to his store and wanted to rent his job number. Taobao will pay him 500 yuan a day if he rents these items.

  By squatting on guard, the police found the person who rented the job number. After questioning, they were also intermediaries, and the rented job number was being used by someone else.

  Yang Xinpeng, instructor of the Anti-fraud Center of the Public Security Bureau of Yongnian District, Handan City, Hebei: According to their confession, someone asked him to rent the work number of the courier company for them to use for inquiries to steal the customer information inside the company. After the customer information was stolen, the information The money is sold to fraudulent organizations outside the country.

  After extensive investigations and investigations, the police arrested the suspect Lu.

  Police: Where did you go home?

  Suspect: Fujian.

Police: What is it called?

Criminal suspect: Only the name on QQ, his previous home is a fraud company.

Police: Where did you find a channel for selling unknown information?

Criminal suspect: I was found on Baidu Post Bar, and he added me to posts that received materials and courier information.

  It turned out that Lu had been a courier for two months and knew how to check personal information in the courier company's system. So he mobilized several young people who were also doing nothing, and rented 500 yuan per day in the name of checking orders or tracking mail dynamics. At the high price, he rented the login accounts of five courier company employees successively to steal citizens’ personal information from the courier company’s system, and packaged and sold the stolen citizen information to his online, and then sold directly to overseas fraud gangs from the online.

  Legal experts said that for the frequent “inner ghosts” in the express delivery industry that leak personal information, the leaker may become an accomplice in the crime of fraud, and the express delivery company should also be held accountable.

  Source: CCTV Finance (ID: cctvyscj) Producer: Ke Chengyun Editor of this article: Wang Yihan