Seven-Eleven, a major convenience store, has begun a demonstration experiment in which an autonomous robot gets on and off an elevator in an office building and delivers products to customers.

We want to increase our ability to deliver in a variety of environments, such as in buildings with complex structures.

This demonstration experiment was conducted jointly by Seven-Eleven and Softbank, a major mobile phone company, in an office building in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

When a person working in an office in a building places an order with a smartphone, an employee puts the product inside the robot at a convenience store on the 34th floor, enters the delivery address information, and the robot delivers it autonomously.

The robot is linked to the elevator system in the building in advance, and can deliver it to each floor of the building by itself based on the entered information.

As a convenience store, with a view to unmanned delivery by robots in the future, we aim to improve the ability to deliver in various environments such as in buildings with complicated structures through this experiment.

Naoki Ishizu, Manager of the Last One Mile Promotion Department, Seven-Eleven Japan, said, "I would like to consider various delivery methods to improve convenience."